10 of the Best & Most Dangerous Assault Rifles


Dangerous Assault Rifles Here you will get information about 10 of the Best and Most dangerous Assault Rifles in the world. Weapons history started when the life came into being. Human uses the weapon for their defensive purpose. Architectures found the earliest weapon which was almost 3000,000 years old known as Schrodinger Speer. But it was made with the wood. After that copper iron steel used in manufacturing. Different types and different size of weapons used in the world for many purposes. When we talk about Assault rifle, it was invented first time in the 19th century. A French Army man was introduced first armed weapon in 1826. Also get information about the most dangerous guns in the world at this time.

The first rifle name was Sturmgewehr 44 which developed in the era of Hitler in Germany. Now in the world many different types of guns which are made up with advance new technology. But some Rifles have excellent range, muzzle velocity, and round per minutes firing power. The following are the top 10 best and most dangerous assault rifles in the World. These are used worldwide and very high demand in a market.

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10. Heckler and Koch G36 -1997

heckler-and-koch-g36Heckler & Koch G36 Assault Rifle has used in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Mexico drug wars. Germany makes it in the replacement of G3. It is gas-operated assault rifle that feeds 30 round magazine and also 100 round C-Mag drum magazine. G36 has firing power 750 rounds per minute, and dynamic range 800 m. Many armed forces and special police of different countries have used this gun.

9. Ak-47-1949


AK-47 is one of most smuggled rifle in this world which developed by the Soviet Union. Ak-47 is a less expensive gun which used in the war sessions. It is also famous as the terrorist’s favorite rifle. The firing power of AK-47 is 100 rounds per minute with an effective range 350m. It contains 30 rounds magazine and the rotating bolt. This durable gun has perfect accuracy. It is most used world’s widely gun, and almost 75 million pieces have been made till now.

8. M4 Carbine – 1994


M4 Carbine is one of best assault refill in the world which invented in the USA. It has been used in many war operations in Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Colt Defense forces made this gun in the replacement of M6 rifle. The firing power of M4 Carbine is 950 rounds per minute with 910m/s velocity. It has range 600 m and 30 boxes magazine. This gun has the low price, perfect accuracy, and extreme power. Almost 20 countries adopted this gun such as India, Colombia, Australia, and Canada.

7. M16 – 1963

A 40 mm practice round is loaded into an M203 grenade launcher mounted on an M16A1 rifle during the DEFENDER CHALLENGE '88.M16 is the invention of The United States which had been used in Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan War, Vietnam War, and many other civil wars. It is the fastest speed and a contemporary gun that can target a longer range. The firing power of M16 is more than 900 rounds per minute and contains on 30 rounds magazine. The interesting thing about it that user can attach telescope with it for increasing the accuracy of the target. Almost 11 million M16 have been built.

6. FAMAS – 1971

famasFAMAS is another best assault rifle which is made by France. Paul Tillie decided to make this weapon in 1971, but it came in use in 1981. The firing power of FAMAS is 1100 rounds per minute with 925m/s velocity. In this rifle the magazine is fitted behind the trigger, it contains on 30 round magazine. This gun extensively used in Syrian civil war, Bosnian War, and Afghanistan War. It is famous for its accuracy, but some people claimed for a jamming issue. One drawback is that it is the heavy weight which decreases ease of movement.

5. FN FNC – 1970

fn-fncFN FNC is one of an excellent rifle which developed by Belgian Armed Forces. Indonesia has used this gun in a big range. I used in Anti-Guerrilla operation in Niger Delta and Indonesia as well as Indonesia purchased 1000 pieces at that time. It can fire 675 rounds per minute and has an effective range 400m. A blade or Bipod is also attached to it which cause large damage.

4. Steyr Aug – 1978

steyr-augSteyr Aug is one of best and the lightweight Assault rifle. Australia designed this gun and many armed forces in the world use it. It is used in the Syrian war, Afghanistan and Iraq war. It is specially made for left handed people as well as right handed people can also use it. It’s firing power is 660 round per minute with muzzle velocity 950m/s. The maximum range of Steyr Aug is 2700 m and efficient range 300m. The unique features of this rifle are standard four magazines, a muzzle cap, and a German KCB-77 M1 bayonet. Many Armed Forces have used this excellent rifle like Argentina, Ireland, and Pakistan, etc.

3. Tavor – 1995

tavorTavor is another best and dangerous assault rifle and Israel invent it. This gun used in many operations like useful in hot weather and moderate temperature. It can fire 900 rounds per minute with 910m/s velocity. Tavor is very light weight, and waterproof gun as well as can fitted with the grenade launcher. It is little expensive but one of modern assault rifles that have replaced many other operational guns. Brazil, India, and Georgia are the international users of the Tavor assault rifle

2. FN SCAR – 2009

fn-scarFN SCAR is one of best and modern gun that is used in all over the world. SCAR abbreviated from Special Operation Forces Combat Assault Rifles. United States Special Operations Command invented this Rifle. It used in Mexican and Afghan war. The effective range of FN SCAR is 700 m and supports 20 round magazines. This customizable gun can fire two types of a shell; one Chambered with M16 ammunition and other with a shot similar to the AK-47.

1. ACR – 2006

acrACR abbreviated from Adaptive Combat Rifle that is an updated version of the Masada Combat Weapon System. The United States of America developed this best rifle which works on gas piston and rotating bolt. It is also famous as the lowest recoil force among all assault rifles. The effective range of this gun is 500 m and velocity 900 m/s. It is feed on 30 round magazine and best for long shootouts.

List of 10 Best & Most Dangerous Assault Rifles At a Glance

Sr. No Dangerous Assault Rifles Invented
1 ACR 2006
2 FN SCAR 2009
3 Tavor 1995
4 Steyr Aug 1978
5 FN FNC 1970
6 FAMAS 1971
7 M16 1963
8 M4 Cariben 1994
9 AK-47 1949
10 Heckler and Koch G36 1997


We conclude that weapons are not a bad thing, but its wrong use makes cause the destruction of humanity. All kinds of weapons are present in the world, and the Assault Rifle is one of best weapon. A single person can use this weapon easily on wars. But these easy carrying weapons also used in some wrong places.