Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World


Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs Lumberjack or Logging work is the dangerous job in the world. Thousands of worker are doing this job and face deaths much time for falling a tree or due to equipment.
Here is the list of other top 10 dangerous jobs in the world that cause deaths or serious damage.

Everyone do a job for spending their life, for their family and for fulfilling their desires. In the world, millions of jobs are present in which some are doing work in hospitals, some are CEO in companies, some are engineers, but these jobs are not dangerous. In the world, there are many dangerous jobs which are doing some people. These professions can cause injuries or even deaths at working site. So we are telling in this article for some jobs which are very unsafe for people like heavy transport drivers, farmers, fishing workers, Material workers, electricity engineers and much more. Check out the other Most dangerous things in the world.

10. Farmers and Agricultural Managers

Farmers are those individuals who are doing through massive machines in the fields. In these operations many deaths and injuries cause. Agricultural managers work in the hot temperature because they want to produce the best crop. But sometimes these things affect their health like heat stroke and injuries. The fatality rate in Agricultural profession is nearly 21 percent out of 100,000 people.

9. Heavy Transport Drivers

9. Heavy Transport DriversSome people are doing work with heavy loaded they are called heavy transport drivers. Those big lodges sometimes occur serious accidents in which injuries or deaths of drivers occur. Every day in many road accidents thousands of killing happened in which mostly heavy transport drivers included. Due to a massive machine, sometimes driver couldn’t handle the truck that’ why to face worst conditions.

8. Line Installers or Electricity Repairs

8. Line Installers or Electricity RepairsLine installers are those people who work in worst weather as well as connect people with the world through a smooth flow of electricity in homes and towns. In storm conditions, the electric system is an effect like falling power polls and ripping power lines. In these circumstances, Electricity repairs do their duty without care of your life. Almost 23 deaths occur in 100,000 workers in this profession.

7. Hand Laborers and Material Movers

7. Hand Laborers and Material MoversThe 7th dangerous job in the world is for Material Movers. But here everyone thinks how it can be unsafe because every corporate firm has safety measures. The companies have significant standards for workers in any emergency but still death rate is 27 out of 100,00 people. Most deaths occurred when a big order came up in short time, so workers come under pressure and due to fast action they lost their life or harsh damage.

6. Steel Workers

6. Steel WorkersStructural Ironwork is one of the unsafe jobs in the world because these workers have very less chance to alive. They have the double risk in the form of toxic equipment, and they work on skyscrapers that’re why tough for them to complete the task. They face extensive damage of body if they fall from buildings. In the past, almost 37 deaths occurred for each 100,000 workers.

5. Roofers

Roofers On The Roof.Those people who worked on the top roofs of houses and at other places are called roofers. They work in hot temperature that’s why danger can occur like heat strokes, suddenly fall accidents in which they lost their legs and even face death. According to research, 40.5 percent out of 100,000 people suffer death in this job which is a high range. For avoiding these incidents, high Safety measures must be utilized. Roofers job has become one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

4. Hazardous and Material Workers

Collecting hazardous materialWipe out Material hazardous job destroys your health. Hazardous workers clean contaminated areas or other toxic waste from laboratories and factories. Even workers do not know that this job brings an adverse effect on their health. Hazardous material can cause infection and damage your body organ. Due to these dirty materials, 47 out of 100,00 people deaths occurred.

3. Pilots and Flight Engineers

Pilots engineers are doing an unsafe job, but commercial flights are safe because of high safety. Here we are saying about bush pilots and who are working like rescue operations during the storm or inclement weather. Every year 53.4 deaths occur in 100,000 people.

2. Deep Sea Fisherman

2. Deep Sea FishermanFishing work is one of most unsafe job in which fishing workers face desperate and massive storm during their daily operations. The death rate for this job 117 people per out of 100,000 workers. High seas, long nights and freezing temperature are a serious threat to the workers. The whole team deals with unwanted conditions of the sea.

1. LumberJack

1. LumberJackLumberJack is a logging work in which workers cut down the trees from forests. It is an industrious profession and also highly risk job due to falling trees and equipment. The fatality rate in this job is approximately 128 people in 100,000 staff members.  Workers work in the unsafe environment and face much danger during a job. Lumberjack is the most dangerous job in the world with less income.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

Sr. No Most Dangerous Jobs
1 Lamberjack, Logging work
2 Deep Sea fisherman
3 Pilots engineers
4 Hazardous or Material Work
5 Roofers
6 Steel work
7 Material Movers
8 Line Installers or electricity repairs
9 Heavy Transport drivers
10 Farmers or Agricultural Managers



We conclude from this article; everyone is busy for earning money which is necessary for spending the life. Making money is the tough task of the work it’s not matter what you are doing. Some Jobs are easiest, and some are tough. Hence we conclude that, some jobs are very dangerous in which person lost their life as well as face serious damages.