Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in the World to Live


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horror place In this list most dangerous places in the world, San Pedro Sula, Honduras is the most dangerous place where the crime rate is 170 per 100,000 people. Everyone wants to travel all over the world but be careful when you select a place for travel. Because many places are very popular for high crime rates. The are many kinds of Violence like drug trafficking, homicide, robbery cases, target killers, gang problems, poverty, social unrest and terrorism. Europe’s Cities are very famous for crimes in all over the world.

Here is the list of top 10 dangerous places in the world which is analyze under the Citizens Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice these are the cities where crime rates are very high, and people don’t feel safe. So, always avoid dangerous places and choose best place for travel. Do not avoid to read about 10 most affordable places to live in.

10. Cape Town, South Africa

10Cape Town is a stunning place and also an attractive destination for tourists. But Cape Town has also become the country with high crime rates. It is an unsafe country for women at night, the prevalence of poverty and social unrest makes it dangerous. But still, you can enjoy if you avoid more dangerous sections because the murder rate is 65.37 in dangerous regions.

9. Sana’a Yemen

9 Sana’a YemenOne of the unstable place in the world. Sana’a is a capital of Yemen, it located 7500 feet above sea level, and this is the main tourists attractions. But due to terrorism fear it has become a violent city in the world, Behind violence, Al Qaeda’s Yemeni is a major factor of its unstableness.

8. Guatemala City, Guatemala

8 Guatemala City, GuatemalaGuatemala has tourist attractions city for many years because it was the best to place for tourists due to its history and culture. Guatemala is one of the highest crime city, Drug violence, gang problems and poverty are major reasons of crimes. 47.17 murder rate per 100,000 has made this city unhappy.

7. Karachi, Pakistan

7 karachiKarachi is the largest city in Pakistan, also the largest seaport and financial hub. 14-12 million people live here, Now the high rate of threat occur in Karachi like political violence, gang shootings, and suicide bombings. During 2011-2012, several attacks taking place in Karachi. The murder rate in Karachi is 12.3 per 100,000. Political fighting and lawlessness are major reasons for the high rate of crimes in Karachi. Target killers, robbery, are very common crimes in the previous 4-5 years.

6. Baghdad, Iraq

6 Baghdad, IraqAfter the invasion of US, Baghdad Iraq became a most dangerous place in the world. Intermittent Suicide, Bombing, gunfire, and unspeakable violence are in high rate due to unstable political climate. Bombing is destroying the infrastructure of the country. Most travel agents warn you to go in Iraq, and it was included in the list if least hospitable places in the world to live in 2012. After entering the troops in the country from the US, now future of Iraq is uncertain.

5. Acapulco, Mexico

5 Acapulco, MexicoOnce upon a time when it was considered the safe resort area in Mexico. But Now tourists do not go at this place due to its high rate of crime. Drug Violence is the major factor which made it a dangerous area. Firefighting, cocaine smuggling are very common here. Therefore, it is included in the list of dangerous place in the world with 142 murder rate per 100,000 people.

4. Caracas, Venezuela

4 Caracas, VenezuelaCaracas is the city of Venezuela, and it is facing many crimes like drug trafficking haven. Street Crimes and Robbery cases are very common. Not only in Caracas but also a high rate of crimes in all other cities of Venezuela. The murder rate In Caracas is 119.87, and it is a very high rate in all over the world.

3. Kabul, Afghanistan

3Kabul is the city of Afghanistan, and it is not a good place for travelers. One of the poor, an undeveloped and unstable country in the world. Taliban spread in all over Afghanistan and they killed thousands of people every year. Taliban banned on women from jobs and universities; even no one is safe in Afghanistan. Drug violence and tribal rivalries have made Afghanistan unstable place. The United States overthrew the Taliban in 2001 because the US said Afghanistan involved in 9/11 war. And another fact is that Afghanistan is the biggest supplier of hashish and opium.

2. Somalia

Most Dangerous Places Somalia is a dangerous and failed state due to anarchy, corruption, lack of Government, and Starvation. Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia, and this city has become to more violent due to endless problems with militants. Travel in these regions still is a significant danger.

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

1 San Pedro Sula, HondurasSan Pedro Sula Honduras is known as the murder capital of the world. It is most violent place in the world due to gang violence, drug cartel killings, and rampant extortion. The rate of homicide is 170 per 100,000 people, and a primary cause is arms trafficking and illegal firearms.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Places in the World 

Sr.No Name of Place Country
1 San Pedro Sula Honduras
2 Somalia Somalia
3 Kabul Afghanistan
4 Caracas Venezuela
5 Acapulco Mexico
6 Baghdad Iraq
7 Karachi Pakistan
8 Guatemala City Guatemala
9 Sana’a Yemen
10 Cape Town South Africa


We don’t feel safe when we go in a place where drug violence, target killers, homicide crimes, Robbery, etc. are very common. Due to all of these things, our countries go to diversity and affect our progress like economically. Everyone wants a peaceful environment, for this purpose, first of all, it is our duty that we become a better person and take care of ourselves and others. It is also the responsibility of every country’s government that they take action against these crimes and make a safe place. Hope you enjoyed reading about the most dangerous places in the world.