Top 10 World’s Most Dangerous Prisons Where Life is Like Hell


Dangerous Prisons Carandiru Penitentiary is the most dangerous prison in 2017 which located in Brazil. Every human in the world has two faces, and One is the Saint and other hazardous. Sometimes spontaneous situations show these characters of the human. It said that human is the social animal, but God gave a superior level to a person, gave wisdom for thinking so that, the person could save you for illegal activities. But In this world, many people do violent one crime and then followed by another. We are safe in our homes, but outside world is dangerous. For the healthy society, Criminal Justice is compulsory.

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Some criminals do many illegal activities, and prisons are the house of these criminals. In the world, many prisons designed for most dangerous criminals. These places are hell, where prisoners face many kinds of punishments. Even due to this torture, many prisoners committed suicide. Here you can read about top 10 World’s Most Dangerous Prisons where life is like living in Hell. These places are the worst places for those who are the threat to society.

10. San Quentin Prison – California

san-quentin-prison-californiaThis brutal prison established in 1852. San Quentin is one of the oldest prisons where violence is a big issue while a large number of guards are working here. It has a gas chamber, but executions performed with the lethal injection. Some racial attacked in February 2006, in the result 100 prisoners injured and two were killed.

9. Rikers Island Prison – New York

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 17: A view of the Rikers Island prison complex where Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is being held while awaiting another bail hearing on May 17, 2011 in New York City. Strauss-Kahn was arrested on May 14 on sexual assault charges stemming for an incident with a maid at a Manhattan hotel. Strauss-Kahn was expected to announce a presidential bid for France in the coming weeks. Strauss-Kahn was transferred to Rikers on Monday after a Manhattan Criminal Court judge refused to grant him bail. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)Rikers Island has almost ten jails, and Rikers is the last stop before the Penitentiary. It is one of most strict prison in the world which has the long history of violence. A guard named John Reyes said he was daily afraid due to beating and murder there in 1991. According to the federal investigation, Records are covered by the story of guards. No one is safe in this prison, and Gang activity runs wild in the cell.

8. La Sante Prison – France

la-sante-prison-franceLa Santa is one of most dangerous and brutal Prison is France where many prisoners have attempted suicide. In 1999, 124 prisoners took their lives. Mentally torture in this jail come to the result of a suicide of the detainees. The prisoners attempt suicide with worst things like Rat poison, forks and drain cleaners. La Santa Prison opened in 1867 which has long abuse history. Many prisoners held here during World War II. The prisoners can come out of cell only for four hours out of the day.

7. Bangkok Prison – Thailand

Digital StillCameraBangkok Prison situated in Bangkok, Thailand and it is famous with the nickname Bangkok Hilton. This prison is known for its mental and physical torture. When prisoners come here, first three months they wear leg irons and if they include in death row they these leg irons are permanently welded. It is the biggest and most brutal prison in Thailand. The food is given in the form of one bowl of rice with vegetables once a day. A cafe is available to purchase additional food items. Many prisoners suffer from preventable diseases and

6. Camp 22 Prison – North Korea

North Korean soldiers gather along a Pyongyang street during heavy snowfall on Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)Camp 22-North Korea was established in 1965. It is an isolated Prison which has the large compound. These compounds can keep 50,000 prisoners. This prison has a different punishment in which prisoners three generation have imprisoned. so that whole family removed from roots. The inmates used in the other torture with these weapons which they use in lab rats for biological weapons such as bomb testing, anthrax, and other brutalities. It is the worst thing a most superior creature of nation used for experiment

5. Gitarama Central Prison – Rwanda

gitarama-central-prison-rwandaGitarama Central Prison designed for 400 inmates who filled with 6000 prisoners. Starvation and diseases are very common in this prison. Even Prisoners eat each others flesh due to which death occurred. Some prisoner here has done a genocide-related crime. It is the overcrowded place where many are forced to sleep in corridors, on the open floors as well as underneath beds.

4. La Sabaneta Prison –  Venezuela

Inmates walk around an exercise yard at the California Institution for Men state prison in Chino, California, June 3, 2011. The Supreme Court has ordered California to release more than 30,000 inmates over the next two years or take other steps to ease overcrowding in its prisons to prevent "needless suffering and death." California's 33 adult prisons were designed to hold about 80,000 inmates and now have about 145,000. The U.S. has more than 2 million people in state and local prisons. It has long had the highest incarceration rate in the world. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (UNITED STATES - Tags: CRIME LAW POLITICS SOCIETY)La Sabaneta Prison-Venezuela is considered one of most dangerous prison in South America. There is 15000 prisoners house built. There is the greater chance of dying due to the basic tool of torture like no medical help is provided, ignorance of the prisoners, and the dearth of food. Prisons always remain to understaff, one guard for every 150 inmates there. This prison is famous due to its violent incidents. In 1994 108 prisoners were killed in the result of intense gun battle. Besides of these, in the jail violence 196 prisoners were massacred and 624 wounded in 1995. In 2012, 591 prisoners and in September 2013, 16 prisoners were killed.

3. Diyarbakir Prison – Turkey

diyarbakir-prison-turkeyDiyarbakir Prison is one of most famous inhuman place where maximum violations of Human Rights are done. It opened in 1980 and hell place for the Kurdish population of the region. This prison is a center for criminals and political prisons. This hell place is also famous as the incarcerating children for life without pity. Diyarbakir prison has a history of bloodshed where many prisoners have been tortured to death, dozens of inmates have killed themselves on fire to escape the brutality. Today young girls and boys are serving sentences in the Prisons of Turkey.

2. Tadmor Military Prison – Syria

tadmor-prisonTadmor Military Prison is famous as most Oppressive prisons in the world. Amnesty International said it is the place where every action is done to torture the prisoners. This massive execution was done in June 1980 when President Hafez al- Asad survived an attack by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The president ordered to kill the every prisoner in retaliation for the assault. 800-2400 inmates murdered in this massacre program. Guards were famous for their unruly cruel behavior. Guards are said to cut the prisoners with axes, beat the prisoners with metal pipes, tied up with rope and dragged around to death. Tadmor prison was closed in 2001 then reopened in 2011. Still, there is very much brutal and regular torture entertainment.

1. Carandiru Penitentiary – Brazil

carandiru-penitentiary-brazilCarandiru Prison is One of most dangerous and violent prison in the world. This place is very famous for the 1992 tragedy which known as Carandiru tragedy. In this brutal massacre, 102 inmates killed. In this worst prison, prisoners have terrible health issues. A voluntary physician Drauzio Varella wrote his experience and poor condition over there. He gave the title “ Carandiru Station.”

No doubt it is one of worst prison in the world because when Amnesty International asked about the human right violations which act done on the prisoners, Brazilian government failed to answer. 1300 deaths recorded in 46 years history of Carandiru prison.

List of 10 World’s Most Dangerous Prisons Where Life is Like Hell

Sr. No Most Dangerous Prisons Country
1 Carandiru Penitentiary Brazil
2 Tadmor Military Prison Syria
3 Diyarbakir Prison Turkey
4 La Sabaneta Prison Venezuela
5 Gitarama Central Prison Rwanda
6 Camp 22 Prison North Korea
7 Bangkok Prison Thailand
8 La Sante Prison France
9 Rikers Island Prison New York
10 San Quentin Prison California


Crime is a bad thing, and when one person commits a crime, then he follows another. In the end, he becomes a criminal. These people are dangerous, for that purpose, some prisons are made in the world where they kept. But worst torture is given to them; We can’t imagine these kinds of pain that given to the superior creation of the earth.