Top 10 Most Desirable Women Who Looks Beautiful


10-most-desirable-women-in-the-world-2017 The most desirable woman in the world 2017 is Miranda Kerr who belongs to Australia and she is a model. God created the beautiful world and its beautiful people who enhanced its beauty. We discuss today the most desirable women in the world 2017. Beauty is the most demanded thing in the world, especially in the film industry. There are many beautiful women in the world most of them are a model, actress, and singer. No shortage of beauty in this world. But A woman with beauty and brain is the best and most desirable nowadays.

So these women are not just beautiful faces but have skills for different professions which increased their demand. If you like Asian girls then must check out the beauty of 10 most beautiful south Indian Actresses. Most of you are familiar with these celebrities and fan of them. Have a look on the 10 most desirable women in the world who looks beautiful.

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10. Emma Stone – America

emma-stone-americaEmma Jean or Emma Stone is an American actress and ranked at number 10 on our list. She made her appearance in comedy Superbad and cast a member of many TV series. Along with beauty her raspy voice and disarming smile make her the desirable for the world. Other successful movies of Emma are The House Bunny, In Crazy Stupid, Love and Ghosts of girlfriend in the past. A perfect lady who has worth to inspire everyone in the world.

9. Nicki Minaj – America

nicki-minaj-americaNicki is an amazing American personality who has the talent for dancing, singing, songwriting. She is well-known television personality and American rapper. Minaj is collaborating with everyone and in high demand nowadays. A woman who make her place for everywhere because of her looks and talent. Her looks are infectious as her rhymes.

8. Rooney Mara – America

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 14: Actress Rooney Mara arrives at the "Tanner Hall" screening during the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival held at Isabel Bader Theatre on September 14, 2009 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Malcolm Taylor/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Rooney MaraAmerican television and film actress Rooney started her acting career in 2005. Her successful movie a was A Nightmare on Elm Street, which is 1984 horror movie. People never imagine she will be a leading girl in raising the Facebook on social networks. The things turned into her favor when David Fincher choose her for his best-selling novel as leading role “A Girl with Dragon,” and response of the novel was universal and fantastic.

7. Eva Mendes – America

eva-mendes-americaEva Mendes belongs to America is an actress and model. She started her acting career in the 1990s and her career changing was Training Day in 2011. A woman perfects from head to toe and her beauty is unique , urgent and dramatic. It was not her stunning beauty which makes her desirable instead her skills make her prominent. Other successful movies of her career were 2 Fast 2 Furious, and We own the Night, Ghost Rider, The other guy and Stuck on you. She appeared in many music videos and served as an ambassador for different brands like Coco chocolate milk, Clavin Klein and raised funds for breast cancer campaign.

6. Beyonce – America

beyonce-americaShe is America singer, actress, and songwriter. Beyonce has no need of introduction everyone familiar with her name. she is ranked as the Goddess as everything is just beautiful and great. Her curvy body and angelic face never hide from anyone. When you meet her face to face you can not resist yourself to admire her beauty. Only we can say she is one of most desirable women of the world in 2017.

5. Kate Beckinsale – British

kate-beckinsale-britishShe is the serious actress and a determined girl to reinvent herself all time. Kate is considered an icon of beauty and she always maintain herself. Best thing is that she is well paid for her beauty and good acting. The amazing thing about her personality is her long hairs which enhanced her beauty. She is best to manage the things in diverse directions to make them better.

4. Scarlett Johansson – America

scarlett-johansson-americaScarlett is an American talented model, actress, and singer. She made her first debut album in North. When she sings, you can feel that she sings for you. Her performance in Manny &Lo was outstanding and she was nominated as Best female lead for the Independent Spirit Award. She has the sexy body, and beautiful looks and people called him as growing flower which comes and goes each day.

3. Sofia Vergara – Colombia

sofia-vergara-colombiaA multi-talented Colombian women Sofia Vergara is the most desirable women in the world. She is an actress, hostess, model and comedian as well. This gorgeous woman  became dominant when she co-hosting the two television shows in the 1990s for Univision. If you see the Colombian imports no women in demand than Sofia Vergara. People appreciated her very much when she was appeared in The Jaw dropping Modern Family star as the comedian. When you see her on the TV you must realize that you never met such a funniest women before. She always gives you the best entertainment on network TV.

2. Kate Upton – America

kate-upton-americaKatherine is an American actress and model also known as Kate Upton. She appeared in 2011 in limelight and rose prominence in the same year in Sports Illustrated swimsuit Issue. In 2012 she unveiled as a cover model and named Rookie of the year. Her curvy body and her girlish smile make her unique among models. A video of Kate Upton became viral doing the Dougie at a clippers game and people like this video. Her stunning looks and smiley face make her a natural person among the crowd of models.

1. Miranda Kerr – Australia

Desirable WomenAn Australian model who is desirable women in the world is Miranda Kerr. She became famous in 2007 as the best girl in Victoria’s Secret Angels. The first Australian lady who participates in Victoria’s Secret campaign was Miranda Kerr. She is considered an icon of Australian fashion and also represents the Australian fashion Chain David Jones. In 2011 she was selected to reveal the $2.5 million Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Treasure Bra. Her looks are adorable and lasting.

What are Top 10 Most Desirable Women Who looks Beautiful

Sr. No Desirable Women Country
1 Miranda Kerr America
2 Kate Upton America
3 Sofia Vergara Colombia
4 Scarlett Johansson America
5 Kate Beckinsale British
6 Beyonce America
7 Eva Mendes America
8 Rooney Mara America
9 Nicki Minaj America
10 Emma Stone America


We conclude from this article these beauties are unique in their profession. Their stunning looks and amazing skills increase the demand for them for the world. Most of them belong to the film industry and also act as an ambassador for different brands because they need a beautiful and fresh face, so these women are the best option for them