Top 10 Most Developed Happiest Countries 2016


Most Developed Happiest Countries Developed countries are those whose population can enjoy the basic facilities of life like education, best health care system and lavish standard of living. Developed countries provide job opportunities, employment to their people and declining poverty. There are different criteria on the basis of which categories the countries in the most developed country list.A country with high infrastructural advancement and the modern economy is considered as a developed country. However, the most prominent parameter is Human Development Index (HDI) which describe the ranking of a country from very high to low. HDI is the combination of many variables like child welfare, health care. Standard of living, education, employment, poverty and economic health and HDI is based n these variables to report the development level of a country. Gross domestic product (GDP) is also a dominant parameter on the base of which countries are ranked on this list. HDI ranking is more reliable in the world, and we present the list of top 10 most developed Happiest countries in the world on the base of HDI. Before reading further get information on Top 10 Powerful economic countries in the world.

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10. Denmark
HDI Score (0.900)

10 DenmarkDenmark occupies 10th place in top 10 developed countries in the world. It scores 0.900 by Human Development Index. The reason of its highly developed is its modern mixed economy, which is based on human resources because the country lacks mineral resources. Denmark ranked 19th country on based on its GDP, which is $210.0 billion and 37,794 per capita. The population of Denmark has the superior quality of living with the life expectancy of 80 years. It is the easiest place for Europe for business because it offers low costs for business, has the freest labor market. This country also has economic freedom and morale high by workers rights. Each Danish individual also takes home $26,491 every year on average.

9. Singapore
HDI score(0.901)

9 SingaporeSingapore moved up three position against 2013 ranking and now it got the 9th position by 0.901 HDI score. It is also ranked as the 3rd country on its GDP growth rate which is $326.5 billion and $64,584 per capita. Singapore is one of the most prosperous countries in the world with a hi-tech. The reason behind its become most developed is word class standard of living and a highly trade oriented market economy. Its economy is innovative and competitive and accepted as 2nd freest economy. This country is making progress continuously because of low corruption, low unemployment, best health care system, high-income inequality. It is kept as 4th country in the world by life expectancy which is 85 years for women and 80 years for men.

8. Canada
HDI score (0.902)

8 CanadaThe 8th most developed country is Canada whose economy dominated by the service industry and got a score of 0.902 by HDI. Canada had GDP of $1.5 trillion and counted $44,656 per capita. Alongside, Canada also has abundance oil reserves. It is a major exporter of energy, food, and minerals. People of Canada are fully satisfied from its life with a life expectancy almost 81 years. It is known as the happiest country in the world because of its high standard of education, economic freedom. Every Canadian household pocket saves $29,365 per year average.

7.  New Zealand
HDI score (0.910)

7 New ZealandThis country of many islands is counted as the 7th most developed country by Human Development Index with the high score of 0.901. It has the life expectancy of 80.2 years for men and 84 years for the female with the highest quality of living.GDP placed it as the 30th country with GDP $132.0 billion and 30,493 per capita. It is a wealthy country with the market economy which chiefly depends on the agriculture. However, tourism, Construction sector, and manufacturing also play their role in its economy.After taxes, the nation’s average income per household stands at $23,815 per year.

6. Germany
HDI score (0.911)

6 germanyGermany is the 6th developed country in the world by Human Development Index with a score of 0.911. Its GDP is $3.2 trillion and $41,248 per capita and declared as 16th country in the world by GDP. It is industrialized country and largest national economy in Europe. Its economy is counted the 4th largest economy in the world. Germany citizens have the highest standard of living because it is known as one of the largest exporter and importers of goods. The base of Germany economy is a social market economy. The country is rich in minerals like copper, iron and nickel. Health care system is supposed to be the oldest universal one in the world. Life expectancy of Germany is 80.19 to 77.93 years for men and 82.58 years for women. German households enjoy a disposable income of $31,252 every single year.

5. United States
HDI score (0.914)

5 United StatesWhen you found this list, you have thought the US is on the first or second number, but it is not true, United States ranked on 5th position in most developed countries of the world. It got HDI score only (0.914) by Human Development Index (HDI) which is less from four countries. However, it is world foremost economic power with largest single national economy. It is ranked as 6th by GDP with $ 15,7 trillion GDP which is the quarter of the total world. It is little low in life expectancy with 78.4 years. The economy of United States depends on its productivity and its wide natural resources. The United States is known as the largest manufacturers in the whole world. Percentage who live poverty in this country is recorded to be 14.5% of the overall population, and the country must cope with such issue if it gains high position in top 10 developed countries An American household save $41,355 every year on average after taxes. The United States have a highly developed infrastructure and advanced technology, which gives an apex to the military and economy.

4. Netherlands
HDI score (0.915)

4 NetherlandsNetherlands, which is the 4th most developed country in the world with HDI score 0.915, has a prosperous and open economy which dependent on the foreign trade. Dutch economy faces the global financial crisis by recent few years but in 2014 its GDP records $707.0 billion and 42,586 per capita and it is ranked as the 12th country by GDP. The economy of this country relies on the international trade. People who live in Netherlands enjoy economic freedom and excellent life. The Amazing thing is that it is also said the 4th happiest country in the world. Life expectancy in this country is recorded as 83.21 years for females and 78.93 years for males. The state’s income earns every household $27,888 per year on average.

3. Switzerland
HDI score (0.917)

3 SwitzerlandAccording to Human Development Index (HDI) with an HDI of 0.917 Switzerland is ranked on 3rd place in most developed countries of the world. Switzerland has $363.4 billion GDP and 47,863 per capita to be the 8th country in the world according to GDP. It is one of the world wealthiest nations with the strong and high-tech economy. Low business corruption, low unemployment rate economic freedom, high economic competitiveness make it world expensive country for the living. Why Switzerland is the choice for investors all over the world because of its policy of long-term monetary security. Citizens also enjoy the high standard of living with a life expectancy 80.4 years for men and 84.7 years for women.Every Swiss household earns $33,491 per annual, minute taxes. It’s high labor specialization and trade and industries also play a fundamental role in its economy.

2. Australia
HDI Score (0.933)

2 AustraliaIt is the second most developed country in the world with a score of 0.933 by Human Development Index (HDI). Australia is one of the largest economies in the world with GDP Of $970.8 billion which is $44,346 per capita. A major contributor to its GDP is the service sector, mining, and agriculture. Life expectancy is recorded to be 79.5 years for males and 84 years for females.It gives its citizen high quality of life, standard education, perfect health care system, civil rights, offer high income. It is the wealthiest country in the world because of its large economy which relies on banking, telecommunications, and manufacturing.On average, an Australian household takes home $31,588 per year after taxes.

HDI Score ( 0.944)

1 NorwayNorway is ranked at no .1 in the list of top 10 most developed countries in the world by Human Development Index (HDI) with HDI of 0.944. The economy of Norway is ever growing, and factors which contribute to its economy is natural resources, oil, gas, and exports of the country. Norway’s GDP is $277.1 billion, and It is 4th country in the world by GDP $55,398 per capita. Norway has the highest standard of living as compared to other European countries, and an excellent health care system which makes it top developed country in the world. Norway has a firmly integrated welfare system, with the life expectancy of 80 years for males and 84 years for females. The economy of Norway relies on the natural resources like minerals, petroleum, natural gas, fresh water, hydro power and sea water. Norway people enjoy life high quality, low unemployment rate, and democracy, and it is also known the most democratic country in the world. Every Norwegian household keeps $33,492 per year on average which also makes it the most developed nation.

List of Top Ten Most Developed Happiest Countries at a Glance

Rank Country Name HDI Score
1. Norway 0.944
2. Australia 0.933
3. Switzerland 0.917
4. Netherlands 0.915
5. United States 0.914
6. Germany 0.911
7. New Zealand  0.910
8. Canada 0.902
9. Singapore 0.901
10. Denmark 0.900


We conclude from this article that every county is not on the list of a developed country as a look on its outer appearance. It is GDP and HDI of any country which makes it developed  country. If you are looking for any country other than their homeland which is highly developed, you must consider some things like education, standard of living of this country, its health care system and economy of the country as well. Everyone want to wish the happiest life with necessities of life; these countries can provide you all these facilities. We hope you enjoy reading Most Developed Happiest Countries information.