Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Shoes in the World


children shoes The most expensive baby shoes in the world are “Naturino Boots Oh My”, which has price tag $1,000. Parents provide their children every facility of life. They wish to provide them the best things in the world. At present, most parents prefer expensive things for their kids, like expensive clothes and shoes. However, babies look cute and sweet in beautiful frocks and stylish shoes. If you are mom and interested in your baby fashion then you also check out other latest fashion trends on our website.

There are many brands in this world which make shoes for children. Some brands make particular shoes for girls only, and some make for boys. Kids love to have beautiful shoes and clothes just like they love their toys. Different brands make different style and design in baby shoes. Shoes made in various ranges for every class in the world. However, some brands offer very expensive shoes which are not affordable for everyone. These luxurious shoes have the very high price. But they are unique and fashionable. Below is a list of most expensive baby shoes.

10. Burberry Infant Lace up Booties – $115

10 Burberry Infant Lace up BootiesBurberry is the British brand of shoes and other accessories.It uses Burberry its logo on all products. Kids collection of this brand is very impressive and beautiful. Pakistan baby model Lyla Niam is the model for its latest collection. It made baby boots in brown color which are very expensive but exquisite. The boots have laces for the grip and Burberry pattern on the sides.These boots are mostly for boys, but baby girls can also use them. The price of boots is $115.

9. Prada Ballets with Bow – $186

9 Prada Ballets with BowPrada name associated with the expensive products. It is the famous brand in all over the world. It captured the market in small time because of its beautiful and attractive collection. Kids collection of Prada is very inspiring, most expensive shoes for babies has price $186. These Prada Ballets sandals made in pink color with the bow on the top which looks beautiful.

8. Emporio Armani Summer Collection – $213

8 Emporio Armani Summer CollectionArmani is expensive brand and much famous in all over the world. It is the high-class brand because everyone does not afford its products.They make baby products according to the latest fashion trend. Baby shoes made by Armani are very cute and beautiful. They made white sandals with one strap for grip for baby girls.The price of these white shoes is $213. These white shoes, when used with the plain white frock, looks breathtaking.

7. Armani Baby Girl Shoes – $230

7 Armani Baby Girl ShoesArmani brand presents another expensive baby shoes. This pair has fresh pink color and stylish in look. These are perfect shoes for your child. They made for baby girls and price of these Armani pink shoes is $230. They have worth because in these shoe feet of the child grow very fast.

6. Gucci Suede Ballet Flat – $285

6 Gucci Suede Ballet FlatGucci is an Italian brand and no need of introduction. It is one of the world best fashion brands. They make products for everyone, and their kid’s collection is appealing. They made special shoes for babies which have price $285.These are named Gucci Suede Ballet Flat. These are cute pink color shoes made up of suede because of which they clean easily. They made for stylish baby girls who love to the new fashion trend.

5. Fendi – $288

5 FendiFendi is very expensive brand and ranked at number 5 on this list. It is famous Italian brand whose baby products are excellent and stylish. They make kids wear and shoes. Their products are according to the latest fashion and costly. They start kids shoe collection recently and amongst them, This pair of shoes has price $288.These shoes have logo F on both sides and its color highly appealing for parents.

4. Ballet Style Slippers in Baby Girl Shoes – $299

4 Ballet Style Slippers in Baby Girl ShoesRalph Lauren brand makes ballet style slippers; Every mother wants their children to have beautiful clothes and shoes, so this is the perfect choice for their kids. These shoes made of finest quality leather. They come in the different color like pink, yellow and black. The Special thing is that these are easily washable at home. The price of these shoes is $229.

3. Gucci Lace-up Shoe – $320

3 Gucci Lace-up ShoeGucci is famous for its kid’s collection in all over the world. It has three expensive baby shoes on this list. These Gucci Lace-up shoes ranked on number third. These made for baby boys, and they wear formally. These laces boots give a perfect look to the kids. They have marked with logo on the side for recognition. These laces boots have price almost $320.

2. Gucci Snowflake Boot – $395

Gucci Snowflake BootGucci most expensive toddler shoes have price $395 and they placed at number 2 on this list. Gucci has impressive kids collection. These fur shoes look perfect for the baby girl however boys can also use them. They are black in color and very stylish.

1. Naturino Boots Oh My – $1,000

Expensive Baby ShoesNaturino Boots Oh My is most expensive shoes in the world. These boots have appealing style and shape and look charming. These are most expensive shoes in the market has price $1,000. These pink color shoes are with laces and very comfortable.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Shoes in World

Sr. No Expensive Baby Shoes
1 Naturino Boots Oh My $1000
2 Gucci Snowflake Boot $395
3 Gucci Lace-Up – Shoe $320
4 Ballet style slippers $299
5 Fendi $288
6 Gucci Suede Ballet Flat $285
7 Armani Baby girl shoes $230
8 Emporio Armani summer collection $213
9 Prada Ballet with bow $186
10 Burberry Infant Lace up Booties $115


We agree these are the best shoes for babies. More stylish, beautiful and attractive. But Children feet grow very fast and purchase expensive shoes is the waste of money. But wealthy parents can not consider this and buy these expensive shoes for their babies to give them happiness. Baby models mostly use these shoes. Another thing is that these shoes are not affordable by every parent in the world.