Top 10 Most Expensive Bentley Cars in the World


cars The most expensive Bentley Car in the world is Bentley Raper, which has priced $4.5 million. Owner of this car is Sultan of Brunei. There are different kinds of vehicles in this world for transportation, but most people love to have their car. Everyone wants a luxurious and expensive car which attract other people. There are many automobile brands in the world which make expensive vehicles. Here in this article you will read about the Most Expensive Bentley Cars in the world. First read about the Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the world.

Bentley is British brand owned by Volkswagen AG. They make the world best and expensive cars. Their cars are famous in the world because these are luxurious as well. They introduced new features in every model and used the latest technology to make their performance better and better. Bentley is also the successor of Rolls- Royce car brand which was also acquired by Volkswagen. Every year Bentley introduced new models of their cars.  Here is the list of these luxurious cars.

10. Bentley Brooklands – $5,40,000

10 Bentley BrooklandsBentley Brooklands is a big size vehicle introduced in 1992. Its previous model was Bentley Mulsanne.It design and shape were very appealing, and it has advanced features that make it high speed.Its engine is very powerful and 6.8 liter V8 RWD. It looks like the luxurious vehicle. This royal motor is worth watching at least once in a lifetime.The price of this luxurious Bentley is $540,000.

9. Bentley Continental Supersports – $5,50,000

9 Bentley Continental SupersportsBentley Continental Supersports made on the advanced technology of GT. It is a sports car. It has two lightweight front sports seat. The cabin of the car covered with soft leather, Alcantara. Its seats fiber is perfect and gives it a luxurious look. The engine of the car is very powerful which is turbo W12. Wheels of the vehicle are made with alloy and provide the best performance. The price of this luxurious Bentley sports car is $550,000.

8. Bentley Azure T – $6,50,000

8 Bentley Azure TBentley Azure T introduced in 2003. It is four seated comfortable vehicle and updated version of Arnage platform model. T is written in its name because of its high performance. Bentley Azure T performance is excellent due to the great power. It has unique design and wheels made with alloy rims. The price of this high-performance car is also very high $650,000.

7. Bentley Continental Super Sports Wheel and More Ultra Sports – $6,80,000

Wheelsandmore Bentley UltrasportsBentley released this car with German tuning package which increased the power of the vehicle. It has 702 hp instead 630hp(Horsepower). Its ECU is also upgraded to increase its power and also installed stainless steel exhaust system. The speed of the car also increased with power up to 209 mph. Its suspension system has been upgraded which makes your journey safe and comfortable by automatically lift the car around 0.79 inches at 44 mph speed. This high power luxurious car has worth $680,000.

6. Bentley Continental GT3 Concept – $7,20,000

6 Bentley Continental GT3 ConceptBentley Continental GT3 Concept was prevailed in 2012 at Pairs auto show by a company. It is fastest production speed model almost 205 mph its top speed which makes the car lighter than other its sibling. Another unique thing of GT3 is its massive rear wing which is an important thing for this sports car. Its shape and design are looks like a sports car, and Bentley has an idea to took the car in world 24 hours of Le Mans endurance race. Bentley Continental GT3 one of the most expensive Bentley sports cars in the world has price $720,000.

5. Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible – $7,50,000

5 Bentley Continental Supersports ConvertibleBentley Continental Supersports Convertible introduced in 2010 at Geneva Motor show.This car is updated version of a Continental super sports coupe. It also with ZF 6HP26 transmission which cut the fuel to 50% and enabled double downshift. The wheels are made 20-inch alloy wheels and lighter in weight than others 22lb or 10 kg. When it kept in sale in summer 2010, its price is $280,400, but now its price is $750,000.

4. Bentley EXP 9 F Concept – $1,000,000

4 Bentley EXP 9 F ConceptBentley EXP 9 F concept is the first SUVS car which has such high price $1 million. It prevailed for the public first time at Geneva motor show 2012. Dirk Van Braeckel designed this four seated luxurious vehicle. It is designed for Volkswagen Group PL 71 Platform. It has the W12 engine and also V8 diesel engine or V6 based plug-in hybrid power.

3. Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato – $1,700,000

3 Bentley Continental GTZ ZagatoBentley GTZ Zagato is a beautiful car designed by famous Italian automotive company Carrozzeria. This company is famous in the world for making different motors. The latest technology used in making the frame of the car. This car is made by keeping the idea of sports, elegance, and some unique design in mind and made with hand shaped precious bodies compose with aluminum. The price of this Bentley car is $1.7 million.

2. Bentley Hunaudieres Concept – $4,000,000

2 Bentley Hunaudieres ConceptBentley Hunaudieres concept car was the second most expensive car of Bentley made in 1999 for Geneva Salon International de l’Auto. Its W16 engine is very powerful has 623hp and produce 350 mph speed at the start. Wheels of the car are light and give the best performance. Its name pays homage to the famous straight of Circuit de la Sarthe. It got a price tag of $4 million.

1. Bentley Raper – $4,500,000

Expensive Bentley CarsBentley Raper is the most expensive and luxurious car made by this brand. Mainly it was designed for the Sultan of Brunei, so its all features are according to his requirements. Sultan also possesses many other Bentley cars. It has V8 single Garrett turbocharger 6.75-liter non-catalyst engine. It also has right-hand drive and air bags. Its speed can reach up to 255 km/h maximum and can go up to 100 in 1.6 seconds. The price of this luxurious car of the world is $4. 5 million.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Bentley Cars in World

Sr. No Expensive Bentley Cars
1 Bentley Raper $4.5 million
2 Bentley Hunaudieres Concept $4 million
3 Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato car $1.7 million
4 Bentley EXP 9 F Concept $1 million
5 Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible $7,50,000
6 Bentley Continental GT3 Concept $7,20,000
7 Bentley Continental Supersports Wheelsandmore Ultrasports $6,80,000
8  Bentley Azure T $6,50,000
9 Bentley Continental Supersports $5,50,000
10 Bentley Brooklands $5,40,000


We conclude from this article Bentley is the best automobile brand in the world. They made vehicles which have latest designs and features. They use the most recent technology in their cars. However, the price of Bentley cars is very high and not affordable for everyone. These expensive Bentley cars have worth watching. Rich people only afford These luxuries.