Best 10 Most Expensive DSLR Cameras


Most Expensive DSLR Everyone is interested in new technology for adopting it in their life. The camera is the most innovative product in the market and famous in society. It is now the most important thing to memorize the events of life. Now many companies work on cameras in different ranges to make it affordable for people. Companies try to make unique cameras with more models. In past, the camera was just used to make the video, and no one can see the picture when captured. But now due to latest technology people can see their pictures when clicked. People are crazy about cameras now. Due to latest technology selfie is much more frequent in the world now. Some cameras are more expensive and have high performances than cars due to their unique features. Are you cannon lover? Read about the Best Cannon Camera in the world.

Most Expensive DSLR are now famous among people because before the development of pictures everyone can see them on behind closed door for selection. Lens are used of different powers according to demand in cameras. Now camera becomes the most important thing in human life.

Most Expensive DSLR Cameras For Photography

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10: Sony Alpha A99 – $3,300


Sony Alpha A99
It contains the single lens. It is best camera level DSLR in the market. This product belongs to the Sony brand and no one need to introduce it to anyone. Its resolution is large, and the camera has 24.3 megapixels. Only for this model, Sony gives it a name CMOS. It is best and more expensive product in the market. It has beautiful design and result of photos are also good. Now current prize of this camera is $ 3,300.

9: Canon EOS 5D Mark III – $3,900


Canon EOS 5D Mark III

This camera belongs to the company canon, and this company is famous due to its technological products. It has SMOS sensor with 22.3 megapixels. It can capture far images very well and have excellent zoom capability. It has the feature of video recording with good result. It has the single lens of good quality and has good image results. The prize of this camera is $3,900.

8: Nikon D4 – $6,000


Nikon D4

Nikon is also the good company in behind closed door due to its technology features. It contains professional lens for capturing all kinds of sports and action events. For making it more precious and different, it has SMOS sensor with 16.2 megapixels. It unique feature is it allows having 11 frames in each second. This product also has 51 AF point as well. It also has fastest SLR digital elements in it.The prize of this camera is $6,000.

7: Pentax 645D – $10,000


Pentax 645D

It takes very excellent pictures with 40 megapixels lens. And when the photo is printed then the result of the picture is very charming. It helps in cropping images very well due to its large resolution power. It also has auto focus system to zoom in far different points. It had the viewfinder and made totally with glass which helps in focusing screens. What the result obtains from this camera is very accurate. The prize of this camera is $10,000.

6: Canon EOS 1DMark lll – $12,000


Canon EOS 1DMark lll

It has the single lens with 10.1 megapixels and has an excellent images result. It also has SMOS sensor with the large resolution that gives good outcomes. It can also be captured by enhanced up to 6400 range to capture more situations. The price of this product is $12,000 and this a big amount and due to its high quality is not affordable to anyone.

5: Leica S2-P – $30,000


Leica S2-P

For professional photographers, Leica is the best and favorite brand. It is famous because it can capture the all outdoor locations exceptionally. It has 37.5 megapixels lens with sensor ability. The best feature is it has water resistance ability with its battery has a long life. It contains sharp colours and bright as well. It is the best choice for those who used it in traveling. The prize of this camera is $30,000.

4: Panoscan MK3 Panoramic – $40,000


Panoscan MK3 Panoramic

It is the different and professional camera that can capture any situation in only eight seconds and it captures the full view of 360 degrees. It is combined with large players like Flash VR, Quicktime, etc. to make it beneficial. It is used for investigating criminal cases and details about them. The prize of this camera is $40,000.

3: Phase one P65+ Digital Black Medium Format With 645DF – $40,000


Phase one P65+ Digital Black Medium Format With 645DF

It is also a professional camera with sensor high quality. It is used to capture high -quality pictures. It has 15 megapixels lens which can capture excellent pictures. It has unique shape and style that make it attractive to all. The prize of this camera is $40,000.

2: Seitz 6 Multiple 17 Panoramic – $43,000


Seitz 6 Multiple 17 Panoramic
It is the latest camera with 160 million pixels in it. It can capture images very fast. It is very easy to use, and we can see picture anytime in it. It is connected to the computer to transfer data in computer fast. It can capture group shots, fine arts, and many others. The price of this camera is $43,000.

1: Hasselblad H4D 200MS – $43,000


Hasselblad H4D 200MS

It is the best and most expensive camera in the world. It has 200 million pixels that can capture unique shots. It can capture six shots at a time due to its high-resolution power. The prize of this camera is $43,000.