Top 10 Most Expensive Guitars in the World


Expensive Guitars in the World The most expensive guitar in the world is Fender Reach Out to Asia Stratocaster which has auctioned for $2.7 million. All People in the world like Music. Along with music, many types of musical instruments are used such as Drums, piano, guitars, etc. Here is a compile information on Top 10 Most expensive Guitar in the world for Music Lovers.

The most favorite musical instrument of most people is Guitar, and they loved to play it. Some people used it to spend their extra time as a hobby. With the pop music guitars become famous in the world and everyone like the pop music. Kids like this musical instrument too much and they love to play with it. Some children want their guitars and want to become a rock star. There are many guitars which are best in quality, but best are electric guitars which are used by professionals. Electric guitars are expensive. These guitars are sold at auction mostly for high price. Have a look on this list.

10. 1939 CF Martin , Eric Clapton – $791,500

10-1939-cf-martin-eric-claptonIn 1992 when Clapton introduces his song Tears in Heaven, and he performed on this song than he played this guitar. He also played this guitar infamous MTV Unplugged. It is very simple guitar at that time, but it was more valuable because of Eric who played many famous songs with it. It was sold at an auction for $791,500 for the help of Crossroads Rehabilitation Center.

9. Gibson 1964 ES335 TDC , Eric Clapton – $847,500

9-gibson-1964-es335-tdc-eric-claptonGibson 1964 is a little guitar has round shape. It was purchased by famous guitarist Eric Clapton. He plays this guitar with Blind Faith, Yardbirds, Cream and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers. It is now available on the market. Original price of the guitar is $80,000, but it was sold for $847,500 at Christie;s auction in June 2004.

8. Doug Irwin Tiger, Jerry Garcia – $957,500

8-doug-irwin-tiger-jerry-garciaDoug Irwin is the principal axe of Jerry Garcia. He played this from 1979-1989. He stated upon his death all of his Irwin guitars returned to Luthier Doug Irwin. After a dispute the Grateful Dead it members agreed to return only two guitars to him, Tiger and Wolf. Tiger was the last guitar which played by Jerry in public. It auctioned for $957,000 in May 2002. It was the most expensive guitar at that time which sold in an auction.

7. Fender ‘Blackie’ Stratocaster, Eric Clapton – $959,500

7-fender-blackie-stratocaster-eric-claptonThis guitar is known as Blackie because it is black in color mostly and white also included. It was played by Eric Clapton from 1970 -1985. He purchased the six guitars in 1970 and gave three to Pete Townshend, Steve Winwood, and George Harrison and remaining three was sold to build Blackie. Eric is famous musician and guitarists in the world. He is at the second number by Rolling Stone magazine. He makes this guitar as the cover of their album called Slowland. It left this due to some issues in his neck. It was sold at an auction in June 2004 with a high price tag.

6. Fender 1964 Stratocaster ,Bob Dylan – $965,000

6-fender-1964-stratocaster-bob-dylanAt the Newport Folk Festival in 1965, Fender 1964 Stratocaster was played by Bob Dylan at his electric gig. It missed when it was left accidentally on a plane and spent 40 years untouched in a loft. It rediscovered in 2012 in a history TV show. Now it sold in December 2013 for $965,000.

5. 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Keith Richards – $1 million

5-1959-gibson-les-paul-standard-keith-richardsGibson 1959 is considered the Holy Grail of electric guitars. It was traded in London and found in the hands of Mr. Keith Richards who played this in Rolling Stones performance on Ed Sullivan show. It sold at auction for such a high price to a private collector.

4. Washburn, Bob Marley – $1.2 – $2 million

4-washburn-bob-marleyThis Washburn was the property of famous singer and songwriter Bob Marley. It is first electric guitar ever made. He purchased this guitar from Jamaican government and declared it a national treasure. It made according to Bob needs, and he has given this t his technician Gary Carlsen. It is the estimated cost of guitar exact price has never been revealed.

3. Fender 1968 Stratocaster, Jimi Hendrix – $2 million

3-fender-1968-stratocaster-jimi-hendrixJimi Hendrix is the greatest musician and guitars player, and this guitar belongs to him. He is America brilliant songwriter and singer. It was initially owned by artist Fender Stratocaster in 1968 then in 1969 it is played by Jimi Hendrix in Woodstock festival. Jimi died in 1970 because of drug overuse. He used this guitar in his whole career. Now it i9s owned by Microsoft founder Paul Allen who purchased this guitar in 1998 for a high price.

2. Gibson 1962 J-160E, John Lennon – $2.4 million

2-gibson-1962-j-160e-john-lennonThis pair of identical guitars purchased by George Harrison and John Lennon in 1962. It was lost in 1963 during Beatles gig but rediscovered after 50 years when the owner of the guitar found the similarities between his guitar and the Lennons. It sold for $2.4 million in November 2015.

1. Fender Reach out to Asia Stratocaster for Tsunami – $2.7 million

1-fender-reach-out-to-asia-stratocaster-for-tsunamiIn 2004 when tsunami disaster in Indian ocean affecting several nations then Fender Strat auctioned this guitar to raise the money for the victims. This guitar was signed 19 world famous musicians such as Ray Davis, Ronnie Wood, Jeff Beck, Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton. Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend. The brain behind this idea was Bryan Admas. It collects almost $3 million, and Fender donates the whole money for the help of Tsunami victims. It is the most expensive guitar ever sold at auction.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Guitars in the World

Sr. No Most Expensive Guitars
1 Fender Reach out to Asia Stratocaster $2.7 million
2 Gibson 1962J-160E $2.4 million
3 Fender 1968 Stratocaster $2 million
4 Washburn Hawk $1.2 -2 million
5 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard $1 million
6  Fender 1964 Stratocaster $965,500
7 Fender ‘Blackie’ Stratocaster $959,500
8 Doug Irwin Tiger $957,500
9 Gibson 1964 ES335 TDC $847,500
10 1939 CF Martin $791,500



We conclude from this article that these are best guitars in the world. But these are most expensive because it is used by famous guitarists in the world. These guitars are for those people who love to pop music and want their personal guitar. It is an interesting and attractive thing for most kids.