Top 10 Most Expensive Makeup Brands in the world


 Most Expensive Makeup Brands Women have always been judged by their looks. They face considerable pressure to enhance their looks to stand out in the society. Women can improve their looks in many ways by wearing expensive clothes, by plastic surgery, using cosmetics. Here we discuss cosmetic products to enhance their look. Makeup is one of the essential ingredients for increasing a woman’s confidence as well as making her feel extra attractive. It is the easiest way but expensive indeed. Why the cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry today. Women are spending over $100 billion worldwide every year to buy cosmetics to enhance their looks. Today various cosmetics brands are available in the market.These cosmetic brands are used by celebrities, professional artist makeup. All these brands have high-quality ingredients that justify their high prices. These are top 10 expensive makeup brands among many best and costly makeup products.

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10. Smashbox

10 SmashboxNow we start from 10th most expensive cosmetic brands Smashbox; it was founded by two brothers Dean and Davis Factor in Culver City in a photo studio of Smashbox Studios. This makeup brands more focus on the eye products and lipstick. The unique oil property in their formulation products that make it more expensive. This brand provides oil-free makeup products to keep skin clear and unambiguous. Most celebrities use Smashbox products. Recently it is owned by Estee Lauder Latest makeup product of this company recently introduced the 3 in 1 mascara for women.

9. Nu Skin

9 Nu SkinIt is a worldwide beauty company founded by Utah in Provo in 1984. Their products contain a high level of antioxidants which make it the world most famous and expensive anti-aging brand. Mostly products of skin are free of fragrance but have all the necessary requirements for sunscreen providing UV protection. It is the leading company in the anti-aging products in the world and independent distributors according to the needs of customers in 53 countries. Its has the excellent anti-aging effect which provides a magic to skin. Nu skin with annual net income of $221.645 deserves to keep a place in top 10 expensive makeup brands.

8. Oriflame

8 OriflameThis brand was originated by Swedish Jochnick brothers in 1967. This brand is most popular because of the quality of their products. Oriflame products are made from pure ingredients which make it achieve worth price tag. Just like Nu skin, they also work in different countries of the world with agents that distribute their goods for the commission. Oriflame annual sales are $1.5 billion.

7. Elizabeth Arden

7 Elizabeth ArdenIt is the true believer in the women beauty brand and providing products since World War 1. The name becomes larger and larger since 1910 when she started to supplying American women the true beauty products that they need for their flawless looks. Elizabeth Arden brand is more accurate in mascara and lipstick but as provides others essential beauty products.Arden was one of the first women to achieve a place in the front cover of TIME magazine in 1946. Arden earns her name when she opened a spa and gave beauty and skin care advice and also deliver the best beauty products to women. This expensive cosmetic brand is with a net income of $40.9 million in 2011.

6. Artistry

6 ArtistryArtistry brand was founded by two people, a husband, and his wife, This brand is purely based on science and nutrition. The unusual thing about this cosmetic brand was that it made from fruits from Africa and from Mediterranean to produce quality makeup products, and because of this property Artistry get expensive price tags on its items. This brand of skin care and cosmetic products is known in 108 countries and territories worldwide by Access Business Group. Sandra Bullock is the actress became “The Face” OF Artistry Creme Luxury. Mostly it produced skin care products which are highest priced. Artistry is the only real sale brand classified in the prestige category.

5. Estee Lauder

5 Estee LauderEstee Lauder was started in 1946 in New York, America and it the mother of some other famous makeup brands like Smashbox and MAC. It is the first company which introduced a second line for men care products. It provides makeup, hair care, skin care and also different fragrances. Celebrities supported this group, and some of them were also featured in commercials for the brand. Estee Lauder has its big sale in July 2013 which is more than $10 billion It is more outstanding in mascara and lipstick today.

4. MAC:

4 MACMAC was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. This brand was specifically designed for professional makeup artist because it has a wide variety of colors., but now they are accessible to everyone. It has the high price because of a reliability of its products. It is the most aspirational brand and provides a new look to women .Instead of its expensiveness; their success is affiliated with easy to use products that offer a complete makeover.

3. L’Oreal

3 L’OrealLoreal is the largest cosmetic company in the world and famous makeup brand. Its headquarter is in the country of style and glamor (France). This brand has the complete range of products for any makeup requirement for women increase its uniqueness. Its product price is according to its quality and standard. L’oreal Hair Color Charts 2015 are also the result of this brand. The total value of its assets is € 28.219 billion in 2013. The company has 72.640 employees whose work day and night to provide the best quality products.

2. Mary Kay

2 Mary KayIt was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash in Addison, Texas. It is the most expensive cosmetic brand known in the world because it spends a lot of money on their consultants in their training. They have a well-trained makeup artist, skincare consultants who also work as the sales agent. They are more careful to ensure their products are up to level according to customers expectations. Mary Kay has a great background and provides excellence in their products.

1. Chanel

1 ChanelChanel is the first most expensive cosmetic brand in top 10. It started in 1909 in France by Coco Chanel. This brand has been known for providing valuable and worlds high-quality makeup products.Channel offers a wide variety of products including bags, clothes, shoes, fashion accessories and makeup products. Providing elegance and excellence to women are unique. Their revenue value in 2012 are ONLY €6.3 billion, but regarding product pricing, it is the world’s costliest cosmetic brand.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Makeup Brands at a Glance

Rank Makeup Brand Name Country
1. Chanel France
2. Mary Kay Texas
3. L’Oreal France
4. MAC Canada
5. Estee Lauder United States
6. Artistry Africa
7. Elizabeth Arden  United States
8. Oriflame Sweden
9. Nu Skin Utah
10. Smashbox California


It is a fascinating article about makeup products. I hope you enjoy this when reading and select makeup brand according to their choices. Every brand has different high-quality products some has good and many shades of lipsticks; some have outstanding skin care products. However due to high prices every woman can not afford to purchase this. These makeup products can change the entire look of women and make her most attractive.