Top 10 Most Expensive Stocks of Companies For Traders



most Expensive Stocks The world most expensive stock of companies for traders is Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated and required $2,91000 per shear for investing in this company. There are so many ways to make money online and increase your income. One way is to invest in the stock market and stocks. Investing in the stock market is profitable for a long time, however, investing in stocks may be risky. But if you select the right company then it will never be risky. Today we discuss the world top 10 most expensive stocks for investors.Most of the valuable companies have higher shear rate.

It ‘s hard to select the stocks for investing because a situation in the stocks changing every day. The change depends on the surrounding conditions and economic status. So it is better for you only invest your money in these stocks and never borrow from anyone. Here is a list of top 10 most expensive stocks of companies for traders. some of them are affordable while others are very expensive and investing in them are limited to wealthy investors.

10. Intuitive Surgical – $573 Per Shear

10-intuitive-surgicalIntuitive Surgical is an American company founded in 1995 in Sunnyvale California, U.S. It is specialized in making robotic surgical systems. The expensive stock of the enterprise you can purchase is in $573 per shear. The founder of intuitive surgical is Frederic Moll. It stock trades on NASDAQ, and it earns $45 million in 2000 by Initial public offering. One of the best company for investors to invest their money.

9. – $581 Per Shear

The Amazon Amazon is the largest e-commerce company located in Seattle WA. This company founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. It sells a variety of products like electronics, food, furniture, toys, jewelry and video games. Its electronic items include Kindle e- book readers and Fire tablets. Its stock price has risen in NASDAQ in past few months which increased up to $59 billion and ranked on the fourth position in the list of billionaires on Forbes. Amazon is the leading player in cloud infrastructure service market.

8. Chipotle Mexican Grill – $658.68 Per Shear

8-chipotle-mexican-grillChipotle Mexican Grill is a tagline of food with integrity. It has 1400 restaurants in all over the globe in Canada, UK, US, and France. It founded in 1993 by Steve Ells. Now the company has more than 4500 employees.The unique thing about the company is the use of organic ingredients in food preparation.

7. Autozone – $703 Per Shear

7-autozoneIt is the first automobile company in this list of expensive stock. The former name of the company was Auto Shack. The headquarter of the company is situated in Downtown Memphis. It founded in 1979, and now it has 5200 retail shops. Initially, it was a grocery wholesale but after finishing the grocery business, it changed its name into Autozone.It is leading company of aftermarket automobile parts and car accessories. It trades in NYSE company.

6. Google Incorporated – $753 Per Shear

6-google-incorporatedGoogle is most successful search engine. It started as a search engine in 1998 in Mountain View California United States. The founder of the Google is Sundar Pichai. It is the multinational company which offers different materials, websites, products and services related to the internet. It said that Google never faces any downfall in future. For purchasing stock of this company you will need $753 per shear. It provides every kind of information on any topic and available in all over the world. It earned $71.80 billion in 2015.

5. Markel Corporation – $838 Per Shear

5-markel-corporationMarkel Corporation is an insurance company founded in 1930 in Virginia. The founder of the company was Samuel Markel. The headquarter situated in Glen Allen, Virginia United States. The origin of the company is very interested in law was mandated in 1920 that all buses and taxis must be insured. So Markel Corporation founded a mutual insurance company Mutual Casualty Association. After that, the company name changed into Mark.

4. – $1215 Per Shear is a commercial website founded by Jay S.Walker in 1997 and went online in 1998. The headquarter located in Norwalk, Connecticut United States. This site offers the discount on hotel rooms and air tickets. Th current CEO of Priceline group is Paul J. Hennessy. One of the useful site for people. Cheung Kong Holdings Hong Kong company has the majority stake in Priceline company stocks. Investing in this company is a real profit and price of the company per shear stock is $1215. This company is working in the United States since 1997 and provide cheap tickets to the travelers.

3. NVR Incorporated – $1,332 Per Shear

3-nvr-incorporatedNVR INC is an American company founded in 1940 as Ryan Homes. The name of the enterprise changed to NVR Inc’s in 1980. The business of the company is home construction and mortgage. They construct buildings and homes and sell under name Ryan Homes, NV Homes, Heartland Homes and Rymarc. Paul C. Saville is the current CEO of NVR Inc. It has constructed more than 365,000 homes in the US.

2. Seaboard Corporation – $3,920 Per Shear

2Seaboard is a diversified conglomerate company who deals with food, transport, and energy. The primary business of the company is pork production, sugar production, and grain processing. The company also involved in electrical power generation and merchandising. The headquarter of seaboard corporation located in Merriam, Kansas U.S. The company net sales in 2013 was $6.67 million and has 30 container vessels and seaboard corp.Almost 23000 employees are working there.

1. Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated – $291,000 Per Shear


Berkshire is a multinational conglomerate company based in Omaha, United States. The founder of the company is Oliver Chase. It is responsible for managing and running different subsidiaries. It possessed the Helzberg Diamonds, Dairy Queen, NetJets, Fruit of the Loom, Flight Safety International, BNSF, GEICO, and Lubrizol. The company also has minor shears with blue chip brands like Wells Fargo, IBM, American Express and Coca-Cola. The CEO of the company Warren Buffett is the world third-richest man with a net worth of $1.63 billion in 2015.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Stocks of Companies

Sr. No Most Expensive Stocks Cost/per shear
1 Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated $291,000
2 Seaboard Corporation $3920
3 NVR Incorporated $1332
4 $1215
5 Markel Corporation $838
6 Google Incorporated $753
7 Autozone $703
8 Chipotle Mexican Grill $658.68
9 Amazon .com $581
10 Intuitive Surgical $573



This article will be useful for those who think to invest in any stocks. Regular earning is not enough for people, and they believe that to invest in something which gives profit to them. For this, you need right knowledge which stock is best for you to invest money. The second thing is only to invest your past savings in the stocks, never invest your all money because profit or loss depends on different things.