Top 10 Best and Most Fantastic Roads in the World


Most Fantastic Roads There are many roads in this world some are famous as a longest road; some are most dangerous roads. In this article, we discuss best and amazing roads of the world which are best in their natural beauty, location. Because sometimes it is more invigorating to explore a road alongside a beautiful landscape. These roads have kept much attraction for tourism and also used some for transportation. Here is a list of Top 10 Best and Most Fantastic Roads in the World. Also read about coolest places in the world if you would like to travel on these amazing roads then you should know about weather conditions.

10. Milford Road, New Zealand

10 Milford RoadThis is a great scenic route of New Zealand; its construction started in 1929 during the Great Depression but due to World War II, it was not completed till 1953. But now it is the most beautiful path of New Zealand, and many people travel on this road each year. Lord Of Rings movie was filmed partly in New Zealand on this Milford road due to its gorgeous and natural scenery. You should make a plan to ride on this road when you are in new Zealand; it will provide a pleasant experience.

9. Valley of Fire Road, Nevada

It is the oldest state park in Nevada USA designated in 1968 as National Natural Landmarks and covers 42,000 acres area.Valley of fire road is the main road which is 16.9 km long, connects the west and east entrances of the park. It was designated as Nevada Scenic Byway in 1995.This route is accessible with its red beauty and the favorite way of people.
Beautiful red color stones are fund frequently here which look like fire when sunlight dropped on these stones.

8. Atlantic Road, Norway

8 Atlantic RoadIt is 8.3 km long road called Atlantic Ocean Road or Atlantic Road. The real beauty of Norway is captured on this path. Drive on this route is like teetering on the edge of the sea.Its construction started in 1983 and completed in 1989. It’s eight breathtaking bridges which are also dangerous has kept much attraction for country tourists.The drive on this road is worth it and provides you many opportunities to capture the stunning views of Atlanterhavsveien in Norwegian.You can see wildlife swim in the blue ocean like Whales and Seals.This scenic route has green mountains and rocky horizon.

7. Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina/Virginia, USA

7 Blue Ridge ParkwayBlue Ridge Parkway is National Parkway and all American road in the United States , established on June 30, 1986. This path has length 754.8 km. This park spreads from North Carolina to Virginia along the Blue Ridge, which is a chain of Appalachian Mountains. If you seek the colorful beauty of nature and most scenic views, then Blue Ridge Highway is an option for you. Drive on this highway is American’s favorite, This road reveals upon visitors the stunning view of rugged mountains, long-range vistas and beautiful landscapes of Appalachian highlands 469 miles of Blue Ridge highway provides gorgeous beauty to this region of the country.

6. Hana Highway, Hawaii

6 Hana HighwayHawaii has many beautiful roads, but this one is most beautiful one. Hanna Highway is a 64.4-mile long thread of Hawaii routes 36 and 360. This fantastic road connects the Kahului with the Hana town in east Maui. This highway took 2.5 hours without staying anywhere and passes over 59 bridges. Hana Highway has kept much attraction for tourists, you lost in the beauty of this road, This path has 629 curves, many waterfalls, ocean and lush rainforests everywhere along the highway.

5. A82 Road, Scotland

5 A82 RoadIt is the second largest A-road after the A9 in Scotland, created in 1936. This 167 miles road is more scenic than A9. That was the First road that officially documented by Government as part of the London-Carlisle-Glasgow-Inverness trunk road which includes A6 and A74, however afterward it was trunked. A82 is very attractive for tourism and on this road, the whole view of the countryside and evergreen grass on rocks and bridges travel along this fantastic road. This road is also used for heavy goods transportation in this area.

4. State Route 1, Big Sur, California

4 State Route 1, Big SurIt is a major north -south state highway that running along most the Pacific Coast of California. This road has several portions, Pacific Coast Highway, Cabrillo Highway, Shoreline Highway. It terminates in South at Interstate 5 near Dana Point in Orange City and the north; it terminates at U.S Highway 101 near Leggett in Mendocino Country. You can say that this pass is the perfect example of West Coast beauty with the stunning view of the crisp-clear ocean and . Green Landscapes around this road enhanced its beauty and make tourist journey remarkable. This road was constructed in many stages, and the first section was opened in Big Sur section of California in the 1930s. I suggest you go on this highway on a sunny day and enjoy surf-rock.

3. Ruta, Argentina

3 RutaThis route is called National Route 40, RN 40 or Ruta 40. It is the longest road in the world and Argentina present in western Argentina. This road is in very dreadful condition and requires steady nerves to travel on that path; novice drivers should not adopt this pass. This road was constructed in 1935 and has length 5,000 km. But Ruta 40 provides you the stunning views during the journey and this 3000-mile drive this road crosses the 18 rivers and 20 national parks. This road was also known as adventure tourism road. The attraction of this road has international scope many countries websites advertise the commercial adventures associated with this roadway.

2. Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa

2 Chapman’s Peak DriveThis beautiful five miles road is present alongside a mountain edge and above the sea. Chapman’s Peak Drive has 114 curves, and your driving should be attentive when you drive on this road. It is a dangerous road, but it has worth to see it. The name of this road is on the named of mountain “Chapman’s peak “ located on the western side of the Cape Penisula, South Africa.

1. Rohtang Pass, India

1 Rohtang PassThis road is at number one in our list. When you walk along Rohtang Pass, rivers and glaciers make your journey beautiful. However landslides are uncontrolled on this whole road, and tourists should be careful when driving along this path. Mountains around the Rohtang pass touch the clouds and make this way naturally more amazing.

List of Top Ten Best and Most Fantastic Roads

Rank Road Name Country
1. Rohtang Pass India
2. Chapman’s Peak Drive South Africa
3. Ruta Argentina
4. State Route 1, Big Sur California
5. A82 Road Scotland
6. Hana Highway Hawaii
7. Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina/Virginia USA
8. Atlantic Road Norway
9. Valley of Fire Road Nevada
10. Milford Road New Zealand


We conclude you should travel on these fantastic roads once in your life. Natural scenes like mountains, landscapes, ocean, sea, enhance the beauty of these roads and make them best for travel. We hope you have enjoyed reading top 10 best most fantastic roads in the world.