Top 10 Most Popular Taylor Swift Songs Must Watch


taylor swift Taylor Swift is a famous singer and well known for her music prowess. Her every song raises her to the top of success and make her more famous. She is the star of the music world and more than a pop songstress. She has sung many songs which made her famous all over the world. Her song lyrics are outstanding. Here is a list of Top 10 Most Popular Taylor Swift Songs that you Must Watch.

10. I Knew You were Trouble

10 I Knew You were TroubleReleased Year – 2012
Album – Red
It is the mainstream pop song from Taylor Swift’s album “Red”. Pop master Max Martin produced and co-written this song. The features elements of song borrowed from dance music genre dubstep. It ranked 3rd on the Billboard Hot 100 and released as a promotional single from the album.

9. Tim McGraw

9 Tim McGrawReleased Year – 2006
Album – Taylor Swift
She wrote this song during her math lecture. This song started everything for Taylor. Song explains the beautiful memories of a summer romance which provoked by a song by Tim McGraw. This song is at number 10 on the country chart and 40 pop.

8. Fifteen

8 FifteenReleased Year – 2008
Album – Fearless
This song is from her album Fearless. An emotional song of Taylor Swift, which shows the world her vulnerable side. In this song, Taylor recalls her first heartbreak and point out how love can mess you up just at fifteen years old. It got Teen Choice Award as Choice country song.

7. Bad Blood

7 Bad BloodReleased Year – 2015
Album – 1989
This song ranked on first on Billboard Hot 100. This song was written after a conflict between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. This song includes first feature raps. Featuring Kendrick Lamar. It includes phrases “Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes” most powerful sentences I think. This song video got MTV video music award for best video of the year.

6. Our Song

6 Our SongReleased Year – 2007
Album – Taylor Swift
This song is about a young couple, which uses events in their relationship in place of the song because they do not have their songs. One of the heartwarming song of Taylor. This song was ranked 16 on Billboard Hot 100 and was at number one country hit.

5. Teardrops On my Guitar

5 Teardrops On my GuitarReleased Year – 2007
Album – Taylor Swift

This song was a pop breakthrough for Taylor Swift reached at 13. This song second on country chart describes the pin in loving a boy named Drew who loves to another girl. Remixed version of Teardrops on my Guitar was played many times on the pop radio.

4. Shake It Off

4 Shake It OffReleased Year – 2014
Album – 1989
This song was released when Taylor Swift announced that she was leaving the country music. In this song, she answered her critics by ignoring the hate and dancing confidently into the future instead become disappointed. This song spent Four weeks on US charts at number#1. It won Billboard music award for top streaming song.

3. We are never Getting Back Together

3 We are never Getting Back TogetherReleased Year – 2012
Album – Red
It is a funky song from Taylor’s Fourth studio album Red. Shellback and Max Martin , Who are Swedish pop masterminds co-produced and co-written this song. In her song, she strikes out one of her ex-boyfriend who can not let go. This song has sad video but makes people fan of this song because of its catchy tune. 6,23000 copies of this song were sold out in the first week.

2. You Belong With me

Most Popular Taylor Swift Songs Released Year – 2009
Album – Fearless
It is based on one of real life happening. It was a hit song from album Fearless.
She wrote the song “You belong with me” after hearing a male argue over the phone with his girlfriend. This song was nominated for Grammy awards for song of the year and also the record of the year. It was an overtly pop-oriented single. Taylor was playing the role of a shy nerd in love with Hunky Jock. Video of this song also got  MTV Video music awards.

1. Blank Space

1 Blank SpaceReleased Year – 2014
Album – 1989
Personal life of Taylor Swift has been a subject of comment and supposition for her career. She was notorious for her dating reputation. In Blank Space, she addresses this critic in humor way to describe herself and her experience. The song was released from album 1989 as second official single and spend many weeks as top song. This song makes Taylor Swift to be successful women at top Billboard Hot 100.Blank space achieved MTV video music award for best female video.

List of Top Ten Most Popular Taylor Swift Songs

Rank Song Title Year of Release
1. Blank Space 2014
2. You Belong With me 2009
3. We are never Getting Back Together 2012
4. Shake It Off 2014
5. Teardrops On my Guitar 2007
6. Our Song 2007
7. Bad Blood 2015
8. Fifteen 2008
9. Tim McGraw 2006
10. I Knew You were Trouble 2012


Taylor songs are liked in worldwide. Video of these songs has a lot of viewers on Youtube. These songs also describe her personal life experience as well. Hope you enjoy these songs lyrics, music and videos.