Top 10 Most Powerful Jedi in Star Wars Universe


star-wars Star Wars Universe is a massive thing which is tough to pin down to the movies. People always think who Jedi is the strongest in Star Wars Universe. It is too difficult to work to compare a One Jedi Character to other. A Jedi’s Strength is his/her mastery of the lightsaber or the Force. There are many Jedi Star Wars Universe, and maybe you did not hear about all of this. They belong to different Star Wars Eras and some ar5e those who don’t appear in the movies. The following top 10 are the most powerful Jedi in Star Wars Universe. Have a look!! I hope you will enjoy this article.

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10. Jacen Solo

10-jacen-soloYou will wonder to see that Jacen Solo also included in the list of top 10 most powerful Jedi Star Wars Universe. He is a son of Han Solo and Leia and born in Coruscant. His parents were very famous so always trying to avoid kidnapping during his childhood. At the age of 13, he started training with his Twin sister Jaina Solo by Luke Skywalker. He was not preferred to fight in front lines in the war against the Vong. Jacen Solo also joined much mission with his brother Anakin, and his brother killed in that mission. He again joined the Jedi and saw the future that he would die by his uncle Luke and Galaxy consumed. That’s why he joined the Sith, he saves his family, and galaxy by joining the dark side.

9. Anakin Skywalker

9-anakin-skywalkerAnakin Skywalker watched greatest Jedi of his era. Obi-Wan Kenobi was the master of Anakin Skywalker. The big problem started for him during the Clone Wars which slowly push him toward a darker side. He also had an ability to see a vision, and he saw his wife Amidala dying in childbirth. This thing made him desperate, so he tries to find a way to save her life. Palpatine entered at this time in a play, and he said Anakin that he could save his wife if he became his apprentice.Skywalker was looked very hurt at the end and near death. He became one of the best Jedi Star of all the time.

8. Kit Fisto

8-kit-fistoKit Fisto was also a General like Ki-Adi-Mundi who led the clone army against the droid army. And in these wars, he made a Jedi Legend. He was powerful Jedi Knight. The most notable skills of Fisto are underwater Lightsaber fighting. He was so close to killing General Grievous, but security helped him. Kit Fisto and Mace Windu went to arrest  Palpatine and Sith Lord Perished Kit Fisto, so he died.

7. Plo Koon

7-plo-koonPlo Koon is the best friend of Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn. He began his career as a Jedi Guardian and had excellent lightsaber skills. But after started his career  Plo Koon made Jedi General, and he was famous as the “ Hero of The Republic.” Tyvokka is a master of  Plo Koon, and they fought as starfighter pilots during Stark Hyperspace War. In the crossfire, his master was shot down. When he saw his master go down, he gathered the other fighters and led a miraculous victory that’s why he made a Hero of the Republic.

6. Ki- Adi Mundi

6-ki-adi-mundiKi- Adi was born in Corea, and he always favored the Independence of the world. He had a high regard by the Jedi Council. Firstly he was known as Peacemaker in Jedi and after this as Fighters. He remained in a polygamous relationship with five spouses and had seven children. Always he did fight against enemies in the first line. He died during the Clone Wars against General Grievous. The battle of Corea changed his life, all of his family killed. These things make him more dedicated and greater Jedi who sit in the front line of Jedi Council.

5. Nomi Sunrider

5-nomi-sunriderNomi was a human female who married to a Jedi Knight named Andur Sunrider. She was the strongest female Jedi of all the time and also included in top 10 influential Jedi Stars. Aft5er the death of her husband, Nomi Sunrider picked up his lightsaber. She competed in the Great Sith War. She used her massive power when Wel Drama was suffering from pain. After this war, she made ahead of all the Jedi Order. Jedi Order was in bad shape so she rebuilt it as a Head Master. She died but her legacy kept in Jedi Books.

4. Mace Windu

4-mace-winduThe fourth strongest Jedi Wars Star in the Universe. At the time of Geonosis Battle, he was the master of the Jedi Order, so he got a title of Master Yoda. He created a seventh modern form of Lightsaber combat which is called Vaapad. Mace Windu was only a star who practiced this style which did not fall to the dark side. He is considered to be the best Jedi Lightsaber and his saber had a purple crystal. Mace dueled  Sith Lord Count Dooku and won, on the same night he joined Kit Fisto and went to arrest Palpatine until Anakin Skywalker betrayed him.

3. Obi-Wan Kenobi

3-obi-wan-kenobiObi-Wan Kenobi is an Old guy and most famous in Star War Universe. He was the teacher of Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker. He got training from Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn. It is said that he gave shaped to Galaxy. Obi-Wan was the first man at the time to defeat a Sith Lord and at this period Qui-Gon, and he killed Darth Maul. He was one and last member of the High Jedi Council and killed many General Grievous. When Anakin Skywalker turned into Darth Vader, a new Sith Lord. Obi-Wan decided to attack Darth Lord after the epic battle Kenobi proved that he was a strongest Jedi star who defeated Darth Vader. He took his son and lived with the Lars Family. When Luke grew up, he taught him the ways of the Force.

2. Luke Skywalker

2-luke-skywalkerLuke Skywalker was a Galactic Civil War Hero and X-Wing pilot. Obi-Wan Kenobi was trained him and became the hero of the Republic. Luke SkyWalker destroyed a first Death Star and entered in Rebel Alliance. Darth Vader is the father of Luke Skywalker, and when Palpatine saw pupil fighting with his son then he offered Luke to join Dark Side, but he refused. Palpatine was furious and frustrated on this and released all of his force Lighting on Luke. When the father saw his son Luke in agonizing pain, he remembered and turned to the light side. Then Luke’s dad became Anakin Skywalker once again and killed Palpatine. So Luke founded a New Jedi Order and again started training and got a title of Grand Master. He had the ability to see future but eventually he died.

1. Yoda

Powerful Jedi in Star Wars UniverseYoda is a grand master of the Jedi Order. He is sagacious and trained many other Jedi stars. He is well known for his mastery of the force and power with a lightsaber. Yoda is referred as master of the sword because he dominated in all fighting skills. He dedicated his life to teaching, and he was the best teacher of other Jedi in which Kit Fisto, Count Dooku, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Luke Skywalker included. But Yoda rarely fought in a battle and would destroy one who tried him. Also read about the Strongest Video Game characters for your more interest.

List of Top 10 Most Powerful Jedi in Star Wars Universe

Sr. No Most Powerful Jedi
1 Yoda
2 Luke Skywalker
3 Obi-Wan Kenobi
4 Mace Windu
5 Nomi Sunrider
6 Ki – Adi Mundi
7 Plo Koon
8 Kit Fisto
9 Anakin Skywalker
10 Jacen Solo


We conclude from the article that there are many Jedi in Star Wars Universe game. Some are more powerful and liked by many Star Wars series lovers. Yoda is the most Strongest Jedi in the Universe as well as Jacen Solo consider the 10th most powerful Jedi.