Top 10 Most Strongest Acids in the World


acids There are many acids exist in the world some have strong nature as well as some have weak nature, They have particular chemical properties. Strong Acid considers the only bad thing, but they have some beneficial properties in industries as well as in our daily life. Check out complete detail on what is the strongest acid in the world.
In our today’s article top 10 most strongest acids are discussed here, they are 100 percent ionized in water. Sulphuric acid is the most strongest acids in this list. So take a look at this article and increased your knowledge. Read about all the strongest things in the world before further reading.

10. Benzoic Acid

10 Benzoic AcidBenzoic acid is a colorless solid which is soluble in is last strong acid which has many uses. It uses in industries for making fertilizers, plasticizers, paint additives, and Intermediates. In our daily life, it uses in De-icing products. Floor coverings, plastic, and rubber products, etc.

9. Oxalic Acid

9 Oxalic AcidOxalic acid occurs in many plants and vegetables which are an odorless white solid. It produces in our body in the result of glyoxylic acid and ascorbic acid. In dialysis patients, ascorbic acid is associated with oxalate which occurring deposition of tissues. Industries uses in photosensitive chemicals, surface active agents, and many other additives.
In standard methods, it uses for cleaning and furnishing care products, Paints and Coatings, Photographic Supplies, and Phytochemicals.

8. Phosphoric Acid

phosphoric acidPhosphoric acid included in the list of top 10 strongest acids. It is a colorless, inorganic acid which has many uses. It uses in making of fertilizers and detergents. You can uses in food industries for food processing. It uses in dental treatment to clean the rough surface of the teeth. In industries, it is used in surface active agents, oxidizing agents, dyes, and fuel and fuel additives, etc. In our daily life, people use it in water treatment products, for building construction materials, etc.

7. Chloric Acid

7 Chloric AcidOne of the strongest acid which is a colorless solution. It is highly reactive acid. Therefore, it has not many uses. This powerful oxidizing agent can decompose perchloric acid, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and oxygen. It made by the reaction of barium chlorate with sulphuric acid. Be careful when you are working in the laboratory with this acid, it’s exposure cause fire as well as death.

6. Perchloric Acid

6 perchloric acidPerchloric acid is the colorless solution which is one of the strongest acids in the world. It found in an aqueous solution which corrosive to metals and tissue.  Perchloric acid is useful in the manufacturing of perchlorate salts, like in ammonium perchlorate. It also uses as rocket fuel component. It uses as laboratory chemicals as well as oxidizing agents in industries.

5. Hydroiodic Acid

5 Hydroiodic AcidHydroiodic acid is a colorless and sometimes yellow color liquid which has a pungent odor. It consists of water and hydrogen iodide. It is one of the strongest acids which is used in the treatment of chronic bronchitis Hydroiodic acid syrup also utilized in the treatment of Tuberculosis. Hydroiodic acid is the part of our bronchial glands. Mainly it uses in industries in the manufacturing of agricultural products. It causes irritation of eyes if reacts during work. Prolonged exposure can damage to organs because it can enter the body when you are breathing

4. Hydrobromic Acid

4 Hydrobromic AcidHydrobromic acid is a mixture of hydrogen bromide gas in water.  It is a colorless gas with a pungent, irritating odor. It used in the manufacturing of other chemicals. Long-term exposure can lead to adverse heath effects.
In Industry, it uses as plating agents as well as the surface treating agents. It also produces inorganic bromides like bromides of zinc, calcium, and sodium.

3. Nitric Acid

3 Nitric AcidNitric acid is one of the strongest acids in the world which is a colorless liquid, but sometimes it has the yellowish color. The rain also contained a small amount of nitric acid concentration, and very few people know about this fact. The Primary use of nitric acid is in fertilizers. Nitric acid dissolves with ammonium and makes a fertilizer that is called ammonium nitrate. And it can dissolve some metals such as iron, copper, and silver. It is one of an essential component in Pharmaceutical industries.
Nitric acid also used in purification of gold, dyes, perfumes as well as used in liquid fueled rockets. The severe reaction can cause chronic bronchitis, chemical pneumonitis.

2. Hydrochloric Acid

2 Hydrochloric AcidHydrochloric acid first time discovered around 800 C.E. Alchemist Jabir bin Hayyan is the founder of this high acid. It is the adamant acid which used in the laboratory as the chemical agent. Hydrochloric acid also has many other uses like the production of chloride, fertilizers, dyes, textile, photographic as well as in rubber industries. Hydrochloric acid is very harmful to eyes, skin, and mucous membrane. Short term exposure can cause respiratory tract infection and irritation, pulmonary edema in humans. The severe exposure can cause gastritis, chronic bronchitis, and dermatitis. Prolonged exposure leads to dental discoloration.

1. Sulphuric Acid

Strongest AcidsSulphuric acid is a chemical agent which mainly used in industries. Every year a great quantity produced, 40 million tons produced in 1990 in The United States. It is the clear colorless oily liquid which mainly used in the manufacturing of fertilizers like ammonium sulfate and superphosphate of lime. Sulphuric acid uses in the preparation of chemicals such as in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfate salts, detergents, and drugs. Sulphuric acid can react with plastics, so it stores in jar glass. When it contacts with skin, it causes pain, redness, and burns. If sulphuric acid contacts with eyes, it causes severe problems even blindness. Its reaction depends on the concentration so severe exposure can cause death.

List of Top 10 Most Strongest Acids in the World

Sr. No Strongest Acids
1 Sulphuric
2 Hydrochloric
3 Nitric
4 Hydrobromic
5 Hydroiodic
6 Perchloric
7 Chloric
8 Phosphoric
9 Oxalic
10 Benzoic



We conclude from the above article that Acid is not the only bad thing. They have some beneficial qualities. People who work in laborious and industries they must take care when these strong acids are using there because they cause severe effects even death.