10 Most Valuable Coins in the World History



1849 Double Eagle is the most valuable coin in the world which has worth $20 million. The currency used in the world in different forms. Money is made up of the various materials like paper, Silver, Gold Some coins are very rare and valuable in the world. Some are historical which used in ancient times. These coins are considered very precious and very expensive. Some people in the world are fond of collecting coins and these people willing to purchase them because they love to enhance their collection with different types of coins. Nowadays coins value have been decreased and replaced by currency notes. There are some valuable coins in the world which are very expensive and mostly you can see it in the different museum. The following are the Ten Most Valuable Coins in the world History.

10. 1822 Half Eagle – $3.5 Million


The 1822 Half Eagle is also one of most valuable coin in the world as well as rarest coins in the history of numismatics. United States Mint release it in $5 denominations. Almost 17,796 pieces of this coin produced, but only three exists now. Two coins are present in Smithsonian Institution, In 1982 it was sold at nearly seven hundred thousand US dollars.

9. Liberty Head Nickel – $3.7 Million


The Liberty Head Nickel issued in 1913 which is a 5 cent coin. It made without the permission of US government, and only five coins have reached the public. The public became aware of this coin in 1920. All of these coins was the belonging of Samuel Brown who was the former employee of Mint. Five coins which are in existence, from which two displayed in a museum and other three remaining in the hands of private collectors.

8. 1807 Silver Dollar – $4.1 Million


Silver Dollar is the 6th most valuable coin in the world which minted in 1834. 15 sets prepared and from which Silver Dollar sold at a high price by Bowers and Marena. Silver Dollar produced for diplomatic gifts and given to the Sultan of Muscat in 1836.

7. 2007 Queen Elizabeth II – $4.1 Million

2007-queen-elizabeth-iiThe Royal Canadian Mint invented this coin in 2007, and it is one of most expensive as well as it was the first to coin with face value of a million dollars. This valuable coin made with near pure 99.99 percent finest and pure gold. The weight of the coin is 100 kg which can not lift it up of two healthy men as well as its diameter is 53 centimeters.

This coin is made up for the Special occasion and also kept in the museum so that people could see this old and rare coin. This coin has the image of Queen Elizabeth II, and at the back, three maple leaves are made. Maple leaves are the national symbol of North American Country. Five coins have been sold.

6. 1344 Edward III Florin – $6.8 Million

1344-edward-iii-florinEdward III Florin coin is also known as Double Leopard which introduced in 1344. English King Edward III has added it. It is one of the rarest coins which depicted the King enthroned beneath a canopy with two leopards. Currently, only three specimens of this coin are known. In these three, one is sold out in July 2006 in an auction, and other two are exist in British Museum.

5.1787 Brasher Doubloon – $7.4 Million


Ephraim Brasher was the best New York’s Goldsmith who made this coin. He produced this valuable coin on his own with the copper coins. This Gold Coin was created in 1787 when the New York State legislature rejected his appeal to invent copper coins. It made in few varieties which based on Brasher’s Hallmark-like one has the mark on eagle’s breast, this coin sold at high price in 2011. One marked with eagle’s wings which sold out at $4.5 million in 2014. 22 k gold made this coin one of most valuable coin in the world.

4. 1907 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle – $7.6 Million


Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle Coin is a complicated design and released in $29 denominations in 1907. Augustus Saint-Gaudens designed it. This coin made for commercial use which modified by many times. It is also known as Ultra High Relief. It has incredible appealing which attracts people towards it. A bird made of it with the country name.

3. 1933 Double Gold Eagle – $7.6 Million

1933-double-gold-eagleThe United States invented double Gold Eagle in 1933. In this year 445,500 specimens were created. Augustus Saint-Gaudens designed this coin and depicted the Lady Liberty who is holding a torch and olive branch. It is one of a most Valuable coin but never circulated, and almost all pieces melted down, and few stolen. According to an estimation, only 15 specimens are existed now in which one sold out an auction in 2002

2. Flowing Hair Dollar – $10 Million


Flowing Hair Dollar coin first time released in 1794. The United States Federal Government issued this coin, and it was the first dollar coin. Robert Scot designed this coin, and size and weight resembled with the Spanish dollar. It is made up of copper and 90% pure silver and face of liberty on the front of the coin. It is considered the historical moment in the whole world. In January 2013, it was sold out at very high price $10 million. It is the most expensive coin as well as real national treasure.

1. 1849 Double Eagle – $20 Million

Valuable Coins

A double eagle is the most valuable coin in The history of United States. The United States Mint created this rare coin in 1849. It released in denominations of $20. Its production started at the beginning of the California gold rush. The specimen of this coin preserved at National Numismatic Collections at the Smithsonian Museum.

List of Most Valuable Coins in the World History at a Glance

Sr. No Most Valuable Coins
Price (Million)
1 1849 Double Eagle- $20
2 Flowing Hair Dollar $10
3 1933 Double Gold Eagle $7.6
4 1907 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle $7.6
5 1787 Brasher Doubloon $7.4
6 1344 Edward III Florin $6.8
7 2007 Queen Elizabeth II $4.1
8 1807 Silver Dollar $4.1
9 Liberty Head Nickel $3.7
10 1822 Half Eagle $3.5


We conclude from this article these valuable coins given according to their prices at which these a sold in the world. These coins made up from an expensive and rare material. Due to historical background, these are more valuable, and many of these kept in the museum for the people.