Ten Heavyweight & Strongest Bodybuilders of All Time


heavyweight-strngest-bodybildurs Lets read about 10 heavyweight & strongest bodybuilders in the world that are also massive. Bodybuilding trend is increase day by day, and in gyms, guys with half-heartedly lifting weights and taking a protein shake afterward have a passion for competing. However, there is a significant difference between the casual gym and bodybuilders. Most people astonished how some people build their body like a giant, massive muscle with the tiny waist. Here you get complete information about Ten Massive, Heavyweight & Strongest Bodybuilders of All Time. If you love body building then checkout also most famous bodybuilding website. You can get supplements and also best training exercises to gain weight or lose weight. Also get some information about Strongest WWE Wrestlers of 2017 for you interest.

A lot of hard training is required to build this physique, and these guys are called bodybuilders. They spend countless hours in the gym and have an incredible capacity to build muscles and managed to grow bigger and bigger. Most of the bodybuilders started weight lifting at a very young age and make their career in the bodybuilding world. They won many records in world bodybuilding competition and maintained their physique over the years which is not an easy thing.

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10. Phil Heath

phil-heathThe Current Mr. Olympia is at number ten on this after winning four consecutive times from 2011-2014. Phil Heath has big arms, tiny waist, and chiseled midsection. He has known with the nickname The Gift and only 33 years old. In his university days, Phil Heath loved the basketball and found the world of bodybuilding in 2002. In his first competition, he cut down 192 pounds in The Rocky Mountain NPC USA Championship Northern.

9. Franco Columbu

franco-columbuThe Sardinian strongman ranked at number ninth in top bodybuilders. Franco Columbu has defied genetics in an age where training methods had unconventional, and supplements were hard to cross for any sizable gains. A small frame with small joints and large muscle bellies astonished everyone. He won the bodybuilding competition after a devastating knee injury and dislocated his knee in 1997. Franco also includes in world’s strongest man when he carried a refrigerator on his back.

8. Flex Wheeler

flex-wheelerThe real name of Flex Wheeler is KEN, but in the bodybuilding world he was known as Flex Wheeler. His physique was flawless at his time, and he does not need to flexing his muscles to pop. Ken has been the king of bodybuilding competition since 1993, and in 1997 he got the title Triple Crown which means winning the Ironman, San Jose Classic, and Arnold Classic. Even sometimes he is considered The Sultan of Symmetry.

7. Roelly Winklaar

roelly-winklaarHe plays many great hits in the 1980s and 1990s. Managed on a small 5’6 frame to pack 285 pounds of muscles. His first competition was NPC Arnold Amateur Championship 2009 and won the first position from the start. People impressed by his physique and surely he will be the big name in the bodybuilding world.

6. Kai Greene

kai-greeneKai is an American body builder and turned to bodybuilding to manage difficult childhood. His seventh-grade teacher helped him to compete with this world. He became professional bodybuilder on his 19th birthday and flexing his growing muscles. Greene also possessed the youngest natural professional bodybuilder at that time. For IFBB recognition he joined the NPC.

5. Gunter Schlierkamp

gunter-schlierkampA retired German IFBB Pro from Olfen, Germany was Gunter Schlierkamp. He was inspired from Arnold Schwarzenegger in his films and planned to sculpt his body. In the age of 16, he began training and won the first competition only in age of 18. Gunter won the Mr. Universe in 1993 and moved to the US in 1996. Schlierkamp is not just a bodybuilder; he has done modeling, acting and worked as an ambassador for some brands.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnold-schwarzeneggerHe was the youngest person who set records in the fitness world and won the Mr. Universe at the age of 20. Arnold has a bright career in bodybuilding and then moved to conquering the Hollywood. He has many titles over the years including seven Mr. Olympia and four Mr.Universe titles. Arnold Schwarzenegger has worked in many films Stay Hungry, Hercules, and Conan the Barbarian. Terminator was the most successful movie in his Hollywood career.

3. Markus Ruhl

markus-ruhlMarkus is known with the nickname “The German Nightmare” and received his first dumbbell at the age of 12. He belonged to German and started lifting at the age of nineteen and at this time he was 140 pounds. When he was 243 pounds, he won his firs competition. Ruhl is the winner of heavyweight competition like Bachgau cup. Incredible physique continued on additional muscle mass and grew and grew.

2. Dennis James

Strongest BodybuildersJames is an American muscle man and son of German military man. He started impress to the world at the age of 18 and start lifting. He has competed in the Mr. Olympia seven times. Dennis ranked at the second number which proving that you do not always need titles for motivation. He maintained his physique consistently over the years.

1. Ronnie Coleman

ronnie-colemanOne of the Most massive and Strongest Ronnie Coleman in the bodybuilding world having weight 300 pounds that could not easily achieved by any bodybuilder. The Louisiana-born Ronnie has a new standard in this world. Initially, he was the football player at Grambling State University. Ronnie Coleman wants to become an accountant, but luck did not in his favor. Ronnie moved to Texas for new job opportunities and started his career as a police officer and on his fellow’s suggestion he checks the gym whose clientele consisted of powerlifters and competitive builders.

In his first competition in 1990, Ronnie Coleman was impressive and began dominating in the bodybuilding. He received the IFBB Pro card and many titles. Coleman has won many records as IFBB professional including eight Mr. Olympia titles.

List of Ten Heavyweight & Strongest Bodybuilders of All Time

Sr. No Strongest Bodybuilders
1 Ronnie Coleman
2 Dennis James
3 Markus Ruhl
4 Arnold Schwarzenegger
6 Kai Greene
7 Roelly Winklaar
9 Franco Columbu
10 Phil Heath


We conclude from this article; Bodybuilding has a charm for young guys now, and many are big fans of famous bodybuilders. But these bodybuilders run in a dark alley because it is not a usual thing to make your body like this. It requires passion, determination, energy, and endurance.