10 Strongest Boxers of All Time – The Greatest Boxers Ever


Strongest Boxers The strongest boxer of all time is great Muslim athlete Mohammad Ali. Boxing is a famous sport in all over the world and People love to watch this. Boxing is a tough game, and two players engage in strength, speed, endurance and reflexes by throwing punches on each other head and body. It is played at international level. There are many boxers in the world, but some boxers earned a big name in the boxing like Mohammad Ali, Joe Louis, etc. They make many victories in his boxing career, and some remained undefeated. In different classes of boxing, these boxers earned name and a symbol of pride for their countries. We make a list of Ten of the most strongest boxers of all time which based on their wins, losses, and their strength.

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10. Willie Pep

Career: 1940-1966
Weight class: featherweight

willie-pepWillie Pep is the finest featherweight boxer of all time. He has a record of 229 wins of which 65 are knockout wins. Once, Willie Pep won without any punch. Only 11 matches lost in his entire career. Willie was the first featherweight champion in the world and won his 63 bouts before losing to Sammy Angott.

9. Henry Armstrong

Career: 1932-1945
Weightclass: Lightweight, Welterweight, Featherweight

henry-armstrongA great body puncture in this list is Henry Armstrong who won many world titles in the welterweight and lightweight divisions. He was the one who throws punches relentlessly to the body and head and due to this reason he given the title “Hurricane Hank.” He won 150 matches of which 100 were the knockout. Through his entire career, he lost only 21 games. His career started with losing end but continuously going towards winning streaks. He got 27 consecutive victories, and all were knockouts. Only boxer in the world who have three titles of the world championship in his name.

8. Sugar Ray Leonard

Career: 1977-1997
Weight Class: Welterweight, Middleweight, Light Heavyweight

Liaison Store on March 9, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** "Sugar" Ray LeonardSugar Ray was the boxer of the decade in the 1980s. He was a boxer and a motivational speaker as well. His fast hands and quick footwork made him famous in all over the world. In 1976 Montreal Olympic Games he won the gold medal. He won the five weight divisions titles in his career.

7. Rocky Marciano

Career: 1948-1955
Weight Class: Heavyweight

rocky-marcianoRocky is the hardest punchers of all time and earned success as a heavyweight champion. He remains undefeated throughout his career a and has a record of 49 wins from which 43 are knockouts. He was ranked at seven points on this list because his competitors were not strongest as Mohammad Ali. But he was the great boxer of his time.

6. Mike Tyson

Career: 1985-2005
Weight Class: Heavyweight

mike-tysonMike Tyson is the great boxer of all time. He is considered the unbeatable in his era. A legendary fighter of the early 90s and people came from miles to see his brutal knockouts. He won 50 matches, and 44 were the knockout. Opponents dreaded his two-fisted knockout power. Mike lost only six games in his entire career.

5. Julio Cesar Chavez

Career: 1980-2005
Weightclass: Welterweight, Lightweight, Super Featherweight, Junior Welterweight

julio-cesar-chavezOne of famous Mexican boxer who became famous at the age of 17. He played ten years without loss any match. Julio won 107 games, and 80 were knockouts. People always amused to seeing his boxing. His punching power and ability stalk the opponent in the ring. He won the different championship in world different weight divisions and got the award as the greatest fighter of Mexico.

4. Roberto Duran

Career: 1968-2001
Weight Class: Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight

roberto-duranHe is famous with his nickname Manos de Piedra which means hands of stone. This professional boxer had 66 inches reach. In his long career, he won five different championship title. Robert is the outstanding lightweight fighter who wear gloves. In 1980 he made success in world Welterweight championship.

3. Joe Louis

Career: 1934-1951
Weight Class: Heavyweight

joe-louisJoe Louis is also known as a brown bomber and greatest heavyweight boxer. He is considered an American icon and held the title from 1937-1949. He is the man who beat the Hitler. A bright career with 66 winning matches, 52 were knockouts and lost only three games. He defeated his opponent in a crude way and a brilliant finisher. Joe is the symbol of pride for American people. First boxer in the world who beat six heavyweight champions. Other than boxer during world War II his fights had political, social and international significance.

2. Sugar Rey Robinson

Career: 1940-1965
Weightclass: Welterweight, Middleweight

sugar-ray-robinsonHe was the professional boxer in the age of 19 and through his 25-year career shining like a star. From 1951-1958 he was the Welterweight world champion and from 1958-1960 was middleweight champion. He has a record of 173 wins of which 109 were knockout victories. Sugar went 85-0 with 40 first round knockouts as an amateur fighter. People love his technique, speed, endurance, power, and accuracy. The World witness his boxing talent ever.

1. Mohammad Ali

Career: 1960-1981
Weight Class: Heavyweight

muhammad-aliMohammad Ali ranked at number 1 on this list. He was a legend of the world in every respect. A new, undefeated and outspoken boxing champion of all time for which people run out from miles. He won the gold medal in 1960 Rome Olympics and defeated many great boxers like Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Leon Spinks, Floyd Patterson, Sonny Liston, George Foreman and Jimmy Ellis. He has a record of 56 winning games and 37 were knockouts. Throughout his career, he lost only five matches. During his playing days, he is called “The Greatest.” He was not just a boxer but boxing promoter as well. All world familiar with his name and including in top best Muslim athletes of all time. This great fighter died on 3 June 2016.

List of Strongest Boxers of All Time – The Greatest Boxers

Sr. No Strongest Boxers Career
1 Mohammad Ali 1960-1981
2 Sugar Rey Robinson 1940-1965
3 Joe Louis 1934-1951
4 Roberto Duran 1968-2001
5 Julio Cesar Chavez 1980-2005
6 Mike Tyson 1985-2005
7 Rocky Marciano 1948-1955
8 Sugar Ray Leonard 1977-1997
9 Henry Armstrong 1932-1945
10 Willie Pep 1940-1966


We conclude from this article these boxers are favorite of boxing loving persons. Boxing is a game of endurance, and these legends shine like a star in the boxing history. These people are the example for the future boxers.