Strongest Pokemon Ever In The World


Pokemon is a media franchise. It is owned by the Pokemon company. In 1995 Satoshi Tajiri created. Pokemon does human capture and fights to each other for a spot. Here you will read about the Top 5 Strongest Pokemon in the world.

List of Top 5 Strongest Pokemon in the World

1. Arceus


Arceus considers a (wrong)god Pokemon. People pray for him in Church. It uses for judgement. Arceus is born from the egg. Arceus creates Palkia and Dialga from itself. It gives them the ability to control time and space.he has 1000 arms. Its body colour is white and grey, green eyes and red pupils. It’s height 10 feet 6 inch and weight 705.5lb. Arceus has ability Multitype And only this Pokemon has this ability.

Multiple Arceus allows Arceus to change its type like A splash plate will make it a water type and Flame plate makes the fire. In mythology, it is told that this Pokemon was born before the universe even existed. Arceus appeared first in generation 4 games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. In Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, you can trade the 12th movie Arceus over from Diamond. Arceus is also in games of Mystery Dungeon.

2. Mewtwo


This Pokemon created by genetic manipulation. It”s height 6 feet 7 inch and weight 269lbs. Mewtwo is a Psychic type legendary Pokemon. It can Mega Evolve into two different forms. It is a member of Mew duo. It is grey with a long purple tail. It has more savage heart among all Pokemon.

Mewtwo appears in the Introduction to Mega Evolution special. It is the most powerful Pokemon controlled by Mirage Master. Mewtwo firstly appeared in Pokemon Pocket Manga and the Big Bettle in the Viridian Forest.

3. Ditto


This is a normal type of Pokemon. It is called motherfuckers. It can transform into anything. It changes into stone during sleeping. It reconstitutes its entire cellular structure. It transfers anything whether it is organic or non-organic. It can become whatever kind Pokemon. Its colour is purple and magenta. Its height 1 feet and weight 8.8lbs.

4. Rayquaza


It first appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. It is the strongest Pokemon. It is a  strong hyper beam. It is formed by minerals in the ozone layer. Its height is 23 feet and weight 455.2lbs. It is a long Serpentine Pokemon with a greenish body and yellow eyes. Rayquaza seems to be very aggressive. Rayquaza does not evolve easily. It also found in Heart Gold and Silver Gold. It created by Ken Sugimori. Consider that this Pokemon also knows the secret to the unlocking of Mega Stone. It has lived for hundred of millions years. It lives in the ozone layer and doesn’t see on the ground.

5. Kyogre

Strongest Pokemon

It is a water type legendary Pokemon Its normal form is the Fantastic offensive threat. Kyogre reaches all different level. Primal Kyogre is one nasty Pokemon that able to dish out damage and able to soak up damage. Its height is 14 feet 9 inch and weight 776lbs. It has the power to create massive rain clouds. It saves people from Droughts. It creates in the sea.