Top 10 Most Dangerous Games in the World


Most Dangerous Games The Most dangerous game played in the world is Cave Diving. Games and sports have a greater impact on our physical and mental illness. Many games not played without training just like in ancient times training for sword fighting and archery are given for war. Now other modern sports are introduced which required training. We make a list of top 10 most dangerous games in the world. Also read about the World most dangerous Jobs.

Below mention games are such type of dangerous games required specialized training like cave diving, horse riding, skiing, etc. In these games, players can lose their life and got serious injuries. These games involve the thrill, action. Some people love these games and put their lives at risk. Many people lost their life in these dangerous games. Have a look on this list.

10. Heli Skiing

10 Heli SkiingHeli Skiing is the deadly game and most expensive as well. But it is adventures game and people pay thousand of the dollar to enjoy the beauty of nature. But it is a dangerous sport, and you could lose your life in Heli Skiing. In past, many individuals lose their life in this game.

9. Horseback Riding

9Horseback Riding is an art, and it played in ancient times. Horses also used for transport purposes before modern transportation sources.Most people love this game. Training required for Horseback riding. Many forms of this game like Polo, horse races are present. However it is not a safe play, you can see many accidents related to Horse Riding. Falling horse killed people.

8. Street Luging

8Street Lugging game is a bit of fun for viewers, but it is a dangerous one. Participants of this game lying on a skateboard and rolling through the street starting from some higher point. The player can get serious injuries during this game like Bone fracture and other physical injuries. One thing about street luging is that once you got the speed then no option of breaks for you. Collision with anything causes severe damage.

7. Bull Running

7 Bull RunningBull Running is the game of Spain. This game has gained much popularity. Players age should be 18 for this match. As its name indicates, wild bulls are running from the street of the country, and people move them. If anyone came in the path of beasts, face serious consequences.

6. Big Wave Surfing

6 Big Wave SurfingBig Wave Surfing is the game to play with waves. In this game, you face waves of 50 feet which are enough to destroy a village.But the game is full of dangers. The pressure of the waves pull you down the water, maybe you drowned in water or got an injury from the rock.

5. Bull Riding

5 Bull RidingBull Riding is a most dangerous sport in the world. The furious bull can give tough time to the rider. It jerks the rider in the air when moves in its style. If a rider loses his balance, he faces damage in the form of breaking jaw, ribs and knee cap.

4. Motorcycle Biking

4 Motorcycle BikingMotorcycle Biking is the dangerous game in the world. It attracts the youngsters more because heavy bikes used in the game. Many young boys have a keen interest in this match. But the mistake of one bike rider effects the other bikes and any mistake become the cause of death or injury.

3. Base Jumping

3 Base JumpingBase jumping is the game of big heart people. In this competition, the player jumps from some high building, and it is necessary he control his nerves during the game. The score of the match does not matter only important is to save his life. It is a most dangerous game in this world every year 5 to 10 person loses their life in Base Jumping.

2. Cheer Leading

2 Cheer LeadingCheer Leading is mainly for people entertainment. Steps of the game give amusement to the viewers and fascinate their eyes. But it is at the second number of most dangerous games in the world. Participant one wrong move like throwing a girl in the air causes damage if they could not maintain their equilibrium.

1. Cave Diving

1 Cave DivingCave Diving is the most dangerous game in the world. We ranked it at number one on our list. The game is to go somewhere deep in the sea where there is a shortage of air and light. You can not breathe well, and surrounding area is full of harmful things. You can face many challenges even the result of the game is your death by suffocation or any other reason.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Games in the World

Sr. No Dangerous Games Game Main Thing
1 Cave Diving Deep Sea
2 Cheer Leading Dance Performance
3 Base Jumping High building
4 Motorcycle Biking Heavy bikes
5 Bull Riding Bulls
6 Big Wave Surfing Waves of 50 feet
7 Bull Running Wild Bulls
8 Street Luging Skateboard
9 Horseback Riding Horses
10 Heli Skiing Helicopter


We conclude from this article that many games are played in this world. But these games are very dangerous and played only those people who have a passion for these games. The players of these games should have firm control of nerves. No security of players life in these games, death and injuries are the result of these games. That’s why everyone can not take part in these games.