Top 10 Most Famous Zoologist In the World All Time


aminal Dame Jane Morris Goodall is the Most Famous Zoologist in the world All Time. She makes a great contribution in zoology field. However many other famous scientists and their contribution we study below. Zoology is a study animal life. The most researchers said animals have the closest associate of human beings since 28000 BC. Every animal has long history and science. Zoologist considers them how they evolved from their ancestors. If you are interested in Zoologist then you might be interested in Top 10 most biggest Zoo in the world.

In old histories, some animals are considered holy and worshiped them like cats.These cats have kept an important place in the temples in Egyptian religion.There are many famous zoologists in the history, and still many are working in this field. But some zoologist makes an excellent contribution in the area of zoology. They give different theories about the evolution of animal species. These discovery methods will be the base for young researchers. They made work easier for next generation. We tell you about these top 10 greatest zoologists in the world. Let’s start

10. David Attenborough

10 David AttenboroughDavid Attenborough is one of the most talented zoologists who has the keen interest in nature and its inhabitants.He is a broadcaster and nature lover as well. His passion for zoology force him to do valuable work in this field also motivated others. He surveyed the whole world living organisms and presented his work in the book form. His work presented in the programs association with Natural History Unit of BBC called Life Series.

9. Richard Dawkins

9 Richard DawkinsRichard Dawkins is another English naturalist who included in the list of a famous zoologist. He is an expert in etiology and biology. Richard Dawkins got the game after her book “The Selfish Gene” which published in 1976. He gives the Centric theory of evolution.Richard started his non-profit organization in 2006 with name Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (RDFRS). He wrote another book The Extended Phenotype which describes the phenotypic effect of gene differently.

8. Archie Carr III

8 Archie Carr IIIArchie Carr is an American zoologist. He has made many great contributions in the field of zoology but famous for his work to a sea turtle. He brought the attention of the world towards the declining rate of turtles due to loss of safe habit.

He was also served at the University of Florida as zoology professor. He is the founder of the Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary in Belize. He was the coworker with American biologist Alan Rabbinate on close Allies. The primary focus of Archie was on the welfare and preservation of the Jaguars species in the country.

7. Frederick William Frohawk

7 Frederick William FrohawkFrederick William Frohawk was the famous English zoologist and lepidopterist as well. He was born on 16 July 1861 in Norfolk, United Kingdom and was the son of a gentleman farmer. His book (The Natural History of British Butterflies) is very famous written in 1914.

After that, he completed this history by writing two other books under the name The complete book of British Butterflies and Varieties of British Butterflies. He sold his collection of butterflies to Lord Rothschild in 1927 for €1000 and now the collection is on display in the Natural History Museum of London.

6. James Henry Fleming

6 James Henry FlemingJames Henry was a Canadian zoologist and known in all over the world for his great work in Ornithology. He was born in Canada on 5 July 1861. Ornithology is the study of the bird. James has a keen interest in birds and their species from very young age.

He was also a member of Royal Canadian Institute and American Ornithologist Union (AOU).During his entire life, They studied and collected 32000 samples of birds species. He had his ornithological library which included in the Royal Ontario Museum after his death. This collection of James Henry can be seen today in Museum.

5. Charles Darwin

5 Charles DarwinEveryone is aware the name of Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution is the must for every biology student. He was English naturalist and belong to a wealthy family of Robert Darwin. His book Origin of Species written in 1859 was the base of evolutionary biology. His experiments presented in several books like Insectivorous Plants, The Effect of cross and self-fertilization, The formation of vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms.His book was considered the Bible in zoology field.

4. Dian Fossey

4 Dian FosseyDian Fossey is also another famous American zoologist like many others. An American scientist has great contribution in this field. She is known for her study n mountain gorilla. She spends almost 18 years with Gorillas and carefully observes them in the thick forest of Rwanda. Her book on Gorillas prevailed in 1983 Gorillas in the Mist. She runs Karisoke Research Centre since 1967.

3. Alfred Russel Wallace

3 Alfred Russel WallaceAlfred Russel was Britain scientist. He was a very talented man. Alfred Russel Wallace is not only naturalist but also a geographer, anthropologist, biologist and great explorer. He combines his work in written form for his followers. His work for evolution based on natural selection was remarkable and a great milestone in the biology. Charles Darwin inspired by his theory for investigation of the origin of species.

2. Stephen Robert Irwin

2Stephen Robert Irwin was an Australian zoologist and wildlife hunter. He is known as the animal lover in all over the world. In the scientific world, he is known by the name of Crocodile Hunter. He died in 2006 at the age of 44.But his work about crocodiles was outstanding. He makes short documentaries and runs the program on crocodiles which are the vast source of information.

1. Dame Jane Morris Goodall

Famous ZoologistDame Jane Morris is well known British climatologist, anthropologist, and ethnologist. He is also a United Nations messenger of peace. She has done great work in this field, but she is expert in Chimpanzees related study. She spent 45 years in Tanzania in the search of these animals. She is the founder of Jane Goodall Institute and worked for animal conservation projects.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Zoologist In the World

Sr. No Scientist Name Country of Origin
1 Dame Jane Morris Goodall British scientist
2 Stephen Robert Irwin Australian scientist
3 Alfred Russel Wallace British scientist
4 Dian Fossey American zoologist
5 Charles Darwin English Naturalist
6 James Henry Fleming Canadian scientist
7 Frederick William Frohawk English Naturalist
8 Archie Carr III American zoologist
9 Richard Dawkins English naturalist
10 David Attenborough English naturalist


We conclude from this article these scientists have done excellent work in the field of zoology which is remarkable. These people loved the animals and spent their time for research on them. Some scientist lives with them in the forest and observes them carefully. Their work was always remembered in the history and provide a path for a new generation who keep interest in the field of zoology.