Top 10 Most Expensive Soccer Cleats


Most Expensive Soccer Cleats Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, people are crazy for their team success and adore and celebrate for the players. There are many reasons for the footballers to receive such glamour. Individuals in front of the televisions sets, those in the gallery wearing their fan wigs and jerseys, are not the only ones who adore them. The major sports shoes companies and many sports brand also keep an eye out for them, for their big endorsement deals to the players. Some footwear companies like Nike, Puma and Adidas, sponsor the boots that the players wear on the ground, and this is one of the best ways to get the players to endorse their products. Usually handsome soccer players like to wear expensive football shoes. We make a list of top 10 most expensive soccer cleats deals.

10. Neymar – Nike

10 Neymar-NikeBrazilian youngster only 22- year old Neymar established himself as one of the biggest names in the soccer world. He showed his talent playing for Santos and Brazilian team.He moved to Spanish club Barcelona for a record amount which is also rumored as a counter by Barcelona to the Real Madrid’s record transfer of Gareth Bale. Neymar currently has contracts from several reputed brands such as Castrol, Red Bull, Volkswagen and Panasonic, besides his long association with Nike. His recent 11-year deal with Nike will reportedly pay him nearly $1 million per year. Neymar is currently wearing Hypervenom Phantom boots by Nike and occupies the tenth spot in top 10 expensive soccer cleats.

9. Wayne Rooney – Nike

9 Wayne Rooney – NikeHe is 28 -year old famous English Premier League superstar who clinched his name and reputation while playing for Manchester United and England National Team.With his recent contract with the Red Devils, which assures his $26 million earning from the club per year.There are some controversies that he has sponsorship contracts from Coca-Cola and EA Sports in his portfolio, but he is maintaining strong ties with Nike as for football boots endorsement.His recent contract with American sportswear giant Nike pays him nearly $1.67 million per year. Rooney is currently wearing Hypervenom Phantom boots by Nike and occupies the ninth position in the list of most expensive football boot sponsors. Many others superstars such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Neymar and Danny Welbeck also wear the same shoe by Nike on the field.

8. Sergio Agüero – Puma

8 Sergio Agüero – PumaSergio Aguero started making his career for himself with his previous Argentine club Independiente. Then he was moved to Atletico Madrid in 2006 and Manchester City in 2011. He is well known for his offensive skills and lethal in front of goalpost besides being referred to as the former son-in-law of Diego Maradona.
Aguero hitting the ball with that much confidence is probably the soccer cleats by Puma. This German shoes company Puma is well behind Adidas and Nike in the sponsorship department. They are trying to attract more of high profile footballers with them to grab a bigger share of the market of soccer cleats. Agüero is one such player, and Puma pays him $2 million per year to wear their shoes.

7. Lionel Messi – Adidas

7 Lionel Messi – AdidasLionel Messi is known as the magician of football and currently serve the Spanish club Barcelona. He is skillfully gifted and also known as the worst nightmare for the defenders of the opponent team. Lionel Messi started his club career with Nike besides him, but Adidas later scooped his contract by paying nearly $3.34 million per year for wearing their boots. Adidas recently created an F50 version of their boots called the F50 Messi SG which is the second football shoe on the name of a soccer player after Beckham’s.Lionel Messi is currently wearing the F50 adiZero boots by Adidas and occupies the seventh place in our list of 10 most expensive soccer boot sponsors.

6. Mesut Özil – Adidas

6 Mesut Özil – AdidasMesut Özil Rose was playing for Bundesliga side Werder Bremen previously. He is also a regular player of the Germany National Team. The creative midfielder’s move to Real Madrid in 2010 raised his profile rich. And then the 25-year-old Özil was once again headlines when he moved to Arsenal for a team record of £42.5 million (as a German player). At Real Madrid, Özil became entangled in a legal battle with Nike, which was his previous football shoes sponsor. Disputes between the player and Nike created a situation where Özil spent one season wearing both Nike and Adidas boots. Recently he has signed a deal with Adidas for $4.9 million per year. Currently, he is wearing the Predator LZ II from Adidas.

5. Cesc Fabregas – Puma

5 Cesc Fabregas-PumaCesc Fabregas is another creative production of Barcelona’s La Masia academy. He made his name while playing for Arsenal in the English Premier League (2003 to 2011). He is well known for his creativity and passes to unlock other teams’ defenses as well. The 26-year old Case returned to Barcelona in 2011 and had been a part of Spanish national team that won 2 Euro Cups and one FIFA world cup.Formerly he wears Nike boots. Now he signed a contract with Puma company or pay him $5.34 million per year for this shoe deal. He has been recently wearing boots from Puma’s PowerCat 1 line. He also invited in the launch ceremony for Puma’s new Evopower 1 soccer boots

4. Gareth Bale – Adidas

4 Gareth Bale – AdidasWhen we talk about Welsh footballers, sure we talk about Gareth Bale. He first showed his talent in the football world while playing for the Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur from 2007 to 2013. He started his career as a defender, but soon he makes his place as an offensive winger due to his skills, field presence and powerful shot near the crossbar. Gareth Bale moved to Real Madrid for a record transfer amount of $142.8 million in 2013. Adidas recently signed a contract with the six-year contract extension with the Welsh genius to pay $5.5 million per year. Gareth Bale is currently wearing the F50 adiZero boots by Adidas and occupies the fourth spot in our list of 10 most expensive football boot sponsors. Besides him, Karim Benzema also wears the same line of boots on the ground.

3. Mario Balotelli – Puma

3 Mario Balotelli – PumaMario Balotelli showed his prominence in the international club football while moving from Inter Milan to Manchester City to AC Milan. He is noted as the most notorious footballer of recent times with his strange movements of the ground. He is famous for almost everything, starting from his presence on the field till the moment he appeared on television in an AC Milan jersey while playing for Inter Milan, even for lighting his house on fire. Puma recently signed a deal with the Italian genius which will reportedly pay him nearly $6.9 million per season. Mario Balotelli is currently wearing the evoPOWER 1boots by Puma and occupies the third spot in our list of 10 most expensive football boot sponsors.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Nike

2 .Cristiano Ronaldo – NikeEveryone probably expected that he would found Cristiano Ronaldo here some top position. The Real Madrid became famous during his time at Manchester United. The Portuguese, under the vigilant eye of Sir Alex Ferguson, became known for being fast, robust and capable of producing sensational set pieces. Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid in 2009 where the World Soccer Player of the Year hasn’t slowed down an inch, moreover gained a lot. Ronaldo has signed many contracts with other companies including Nike such as with Castrol, Fly Emirates, Coca-cola and KFC. His deals with Nike soccer boots pays him $8.35 million per year which have been expired in 2014 and a he offers him $13.4 million per year with his new contract. Ronaldo wears Nike’s Mercurial Vapor IX boot and also wear some custom boots from Nike.

1. David Beckham – Adidas

1 David Beckham – AdidasOnly one man who is ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo is the ingenious creation of English team, Beckham, witnessed stardom in almost everything he ever tried, starting from his substantial presence on the ground till he began modeling and his Spice Girl wife, Victoria. Even after his retirement, he has kept attraction for the well-reputed brand for a single reason the world is well known who Beckham is. Even after the great stardom and recent contract of Ronaldo, Beckham still earns nearly $11.7 million per year from Adidas. David Beckham is wore the Predator LZ boots by Adidas till his career with Paris St. Germain and occupies the top spot on our list of 10 most expensive Soccer Cleats in the world.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Soccer Cleats at a Glance

Rank Soccer Cleat Name Earning (Per Year)
1. David Beckham – Adidas $11.7 Million
2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Nike $8.35 Million
3. Mario Balotelli – Puma $6.9 Million
4. Gareth Bale – Adidas $5.5 Million
5. Cesc Fabregas-Puma $5.34 Million
6. Mesut Özil – Adidas $4.9 Million
7. Lionel Messi – Adidas $3.34 Million
8. Sergio Agüero – Puma $2 Million
9. Wayne Rooney – Nike $1.67 Million
10. Neymar-Nike $1 Million


You can see from this article that expensive soccer cleats belong to any famous football player. So it is necessary for the players to have something great on their feet when they create such historical moments. Sportswear companies are happy to enjoy their share in the history by sponsoring such cleats. The player should pay particular attention on the football cleats because these are the only equipment for a fair game and players can sign such contracts which give benefit to them.