Top 10 Most Valuable Currencies in the World


business Kuwaiti Dinar is the most valuable currency all over the world which is equal to the US $3.42. Here you will read about Top 10 most valuable currencies of the world. As we know Currency is the universal concept of money when we talk about currency U.S dollar comes in our mind which rules in global trade. In previous times when money was not familiar at present, we only know barter system for business. But now Time has changed the currency used for all transactions. If you would like to stay in some expensive hotel in any country then every country currency is different and have different value.

In the world, there are many currencies in which some countries have high currency, and some have small money value. Currency is treasured in the trade market because you purchase goods with money. In commerce market, US is at the top of the list, and trading value is 84.9 percent. However, we well tell you top 10 most valuable currencies and their value in US currency.

10. Australian Dollar

Australia is very famous country all over the world due to their beauty and a strong economy. The sign A$ used on Australian dollar which makes it unique from others currencies. Australian currency is called Aussie in the whole world. According to 2011 rating, it is the 5th highly graded currency because 7.6% money are invest in the daily transactions of the world. In 2015 its currency value is down under but still it is included in the list of our top 10 most valuable.

9. Swiss Franc

9 Swiss FrancIt is official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Switzerland is attractive place all over the world due to their beauty and tourists love to visit this place.  This currency is also used in Campione and D’italia but not used officially at these locations. This currency has high value than U.S dollars; 1CHF is equal to U.S $1.10. It depends on the economy and the Latin language written on the currency which used in Switzerland.

8. Cayman Dollar

8 Cayman DollarIt is official currency of the Cayman Islands which is best known as a layer for money launderers due to its liberal banking system. It is only used at Cayman Island and abbreviated by $ or CI$. The currency code id KYD and further subdivided into 100 cents. It officially introduced in 1972, and this place doesn’t have any taxation. Now from 1 April 1974, it has associated with United States Dollar, 1 Cayman dollar is equal to $1.22.

7. European Union, Euro

7 European Union, EuroEuro introduced in 1999 and Euro gained power above the dollar. One Euro is equal to $1.31622 and after this further divided into 100 cents. It always remains one of the most valuable currency in the world. In all Europe, Euro is a currency of 17 different states in which Germany, France, Finland, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and many others included. 85 % transactions are invest in the foreign exchange market and second place of International trading because it has biggest world bank.

6. Jordanian Dinar

6 Jordanian DinarJordanian Dinar is the currency of Jordan which located on the Asian continent. The currency code is JOD and further subdivided into 100 files, 10 dirhams, and 100 qirshes. In later times Jordan has used Palestine currency, but now Jordan has become their currency which is called Jordanian Dinar. It introduced in the 1940s, and its currency is equal to Palestine dollar. Jordanian Jordan knew due to lack of resources and crude oil, but Jordan has become one of the countries which have high valuable currency. One Jordanian dinar is equal to $1.41.

5. British Pound, UK Pound

5 British Pound, UK PoundThe United Kingdom is the most famous country all over the world, and It is best known due to its royal government. The pound sterling is the currency of UK which is just called the pound. One pound divided into 100 pence. Therefore, UK London is very expensive country and people who come for a visit they bring a lot of money with them. On their currency note, the picture of the royal queen is stamped for many years. One pound is equal to $1.616.

4. Latvian Lats

4 Latvian LatsLatvia is a country which located in North Europe, and Riga is the capital of Latvia. It is very small country, but it has been the part of European Union since 2004. So It is included in our list because Latvia Lats is one of the high currency in the world. Ls and currency code abbreviate it is LVL. The first time it was introduced in 1922 and further subdivided among 100 Santini. Many few people know about this little country and their currency, but Latvia people are happy due to their high-value currency. Latvia has become the member of Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union. 1Ls is equal  to $1.89; it replaced the Ruble’s which were the old official currency

3. Omani Rial

3Oman Rial is officially known as the Sultanate Of Oman which is an Arab state in South Asia; Muscat is a capital of Oman. The oil prices are an enormous issue and in Oman, due to oil reserves, their currency value is very high. One Omani Rial is equal to $2.60 since 1986.

2. Bahrain Dinar:

2 Bahrain DinarBahrain has second highest currency in the world and very famous for employment opportunities. The reason behind the highest value currency is that it ties with Saudi Arabia and oil reserves. Mostly people go Bahrain for jobs and a liberal country where an American naval base is situated. One Bahrain buys the US $2.65

1. Kuwaiti Dinar

 Valuable CurrenciesKuwaiti Dinar is an official currency of Kuwait and highest value currency in the world. The first-time diner introduced in 1961 which replace by Gulf rupee. The country is very rich with oil reserves and exporting oil all over the world. Mostly people want to earn maximum money. Therefore, they choose USA destination for working. But Kuwait has the highest currency than any other country. One Kuwaiti dinar is equal to 3.42USD, 2.80 Euro, 217.97 Indian Rupee, and 344.25 Pakistani Rupee.

List of Top 10 Most Valuable Currencies in the World

Sr.No Most Valuable Currencies
Price in US Dollars
1 Kuwaiti Dinar, Kuwait 3.42
2 Bahrain Dinar, Bahrain 2.65
3 Omani Rial, Oman 2.60
4 Latvian Lats, Latvia 1.89
5 British Pound, United Kingdom 1.61
6 Jordanian Dinar, Jordan 1.41
7 Euro, European Union 1.31
8 Cayman Dollar, Cayman Island 1.22
9 Swiss Franc, Switzerland 1.10
10 Australian Dollar, Australian 0.75



From the above article, we concluded that every country has their currencies. High currency value is paramount for every country because it makes strong their economic. US dollars are very famous in the trade market, but some strong currencies countries are very less popular in the whole world.